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Raise your hand if....


Ramen Lover :3
31 Oct 2003
... you think Utada Hikaru's voice kicks a**!
*raises hand* I love her voice, I don't care if I can't understand japanese I still love her. There is just something about her voice that is just... wow. I loved Simple and Clean or Hikari. I've also heard Can You Keep a Secret which is really good also.
She actually doesn't have a really skilled vocal abillity, which is usually very evident in her live performances.

I do understand why you like her voice though. She has a certain quivering in her voice, which sparks just about the right amount of emotion that could send chills down you spine.
That's because she was born and raised in New York. I'm more impressed with her Japanese. :D
Yeah, her vocals do need a little tuning. She seems to hold her throat to tight to get even some of the lower notes. She probably has a low voice like an alto or maybe a second soprano but sopranos make the cash. lol damn, I'm a friggin alto, forget about a career in music for me. XD
Her earlier albums were pretty good...but the recent stuff is not up to the rockin' tunes of the earlier stuff.....I guess marriage does something to a person.... :eek:
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