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Rail Question: Nagoya to Narita


24 Feb 2007
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Hello once again,

You all have been very helpful with my trip thus far, and I have yet another question.

I'm currently in Nagoya. Tomorrow morning, I'm heading off to Tokyo. I have a hotel booked near Narita Airport.

I've been using the Hyperdia search engine to navigate my way from Kagoshima to here (using my handy Rail Pass), and so far it's been a great source. However, for the trip to Narita, it has me doing a couple of transfers mixed with some walking and a sky liner or two. A bit too complex (and nightmare-ish) for me - I have more luggage than I would like to and would prefer to simplify my travels even if it means a longer trip.

It looks to me like I can do just one transfer if I take the Hikari to Tokyo and then from there hop on the Ltd. Express to Narita Airport. Is this right? It looks right, but I just don't want to try to cut any corners and get myself in a jam.

Confirmation either way would be wonderful - and thanks for all the help so far!


6 Dec 2006
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Yes you are right.

take the Hikari and then the Narita Express from Tokyo station. You can use both on your Japan Rail pass. Note that you need to book your seat on the Narita Express before boarding.

Have a good trip.
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