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Raging Japanese punk

MCM seems to be more of a US-cult group to me... not to say anything about punk being dead in Japan though. I'm far from interested in MCM but I'll share some input on other artists cause they are some of my favs.
I know there are some other groups that are quite popular in Japan to this day, those being Shaka Labbits and 175R. Shaka Labbits reminds me of Judy and Mary and THE SCANTY, 175R -kinda like B-Dash -all punk groups. Shaka Labbits and B-Dash have made good on the Oricon charts too ^^; so yeah -Punk isn't dead, atleast in Japan. Its all better than that Avril shiznit too IMO!
With all due respect, but those bands are not punk. You could perhaps call them punkrock comparable to Blink 182 or Sum 41, but true punk is raw. Very raw! Not like these pre-packaged over-produced units.

Doesn't mean they're bad, though, but they're 13 in a dozen. The only reason they are topping the charts is because indies bands are getting more popular then major bands. So the major labels have been marketing these bands very thorough in order to get a marketshare.
good Japanese Punk bands that have a strong indie following and somewhat commercial success are...BALZAC, BBQ CHICKENS, BRAHMAN, Husking Bee, Go!Go!1788, Mongol 800 , Potshot, and nicotine.
i'd say that MCM's old stuff is more punk. their newer stuff is going more into rock

and how can punk be dead? here in england, punk rock is on the rise. more and more of it gets played here now
Punk is rock...>.<

From what I heard so far...MCM, they're more hardcore punk aren't they?
Also lots of digital effects?
...i like punk...
MCM (scary thought, "pulse" reminds me of Dragon Ash) is very nice! me likes British punk best, any new-ish recommendations dark for tears?

punk is most definitely not dead...here, it's just in a coma... which brings me to my next point, stop kicking it, if your grandmother was in a coma you wouldn't kick her! (i'm looking at you, record exec's!)
::shh... don't worry punk, soon you will awaken and have special powers like that guy on The Dead Zone! and then we will have the last laugh! Bwahahaha!!:: (sorry about that. but if one more person says that i "look like Avril! teehee!" just b/c i'm a girl who wears ties with dress shirts i'm going to explode and take them with me b/c they meant it as a compliment!)
hmmm, new punk bands..

violent delight are a good newish band. you might have heard of them i don't know. lol i'm having a hard time thinking of more! heh i tend not to listen to british music these days! i'll post more when i think of them. but yeah check out violent delight - two of their songs: "secret smile" and "i wish i was a girl"

and i love MCM!! w000t! they are my fave band ever ^_^
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