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Raelians and Eve

I'll be the first to bite, I guess.

I don't believe what they did was right. From what I've heard, that specific group of scientists had no experience in doing such things. Supposedly, she'll be more likely to be obese and possibly even come down with some serious health problems. Oh, and she'll more than likely age faster than her Mother did.

I feel very bad for the girl, and really do hope things turn out for the best.

I'm hoping that this is just a publicity stunt for their religious group...
Originally posted by Chakan

I'm hoping that this is just a publicity stunt for their religious group...

I am in agreement with everything you have said here. And I am not completely convinced that this religious cloning cult (the Raelian Movement) in conjunction with their company (Clonaid) have actually succeeded in cloning the first human being. That Eve is actually a clone made from one of her mothers skin cells is possible, but also questionable. It took over 250 attempts to succeed in cloning the sheep Dolly. And all attempts to clone non-human primates have failed. Nuclear transfer is very tricky business.

Raelian's believe space travelers came to earth by UFO and created the human race by cloning themselves. That this sort of cult would fake the birth of a clone in order to promote their cause is much more likely. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the genetic fingerprinting proves, and hope that if Eve is a clone that she will be healthy and free of genetic defects.
I will not comment on the Raelians (I've never heard of them before), but so far no evidence has been produced. Looks like a PR stunt to me.
I have a sci-fi side to me, but I find it hard to believe that anyone in their right mind could ever seriously think that aliens with the advanced knowledge of interstellar space travel would have simply dropped a couple of clones off on this planet; and that these clones looked and lived like "Millennium Man" (Orrorin tugeneniss) in Kenya some 6 million years ago. Easier would it be to believe that these are merely genetic scientists using the "freedom of religion act" to hide behind as they insure a place for themselves in the history books.

Many (if not most) cults are chock full of people with serious psycho-sociological challenges. Either they had serious delusions before they entered the cult or they were brainwashed into holding these beliefs shortly there after. Either way, these people are clearly not in their right minds.

In the case of the Raelian Cult, I am pretty well convinced that while there may be some members of this cult that firmly believe that the first human was an alien clone, but I highly suspect that that the founder (Rael) is nothing more than a scientist who has no belief in this whole alien thing. Heck... I suspect he made it all up himself. I would be willing to bet that Rael is only interested in his business (Clonaid), and in getting himself into the history books as the man responsible for the cloning of the first human being, and in having an army of cloned worshipers to take over the world. <chuckle>

Mad Scientists and the deranged people who will follow them...


And the result (this time) is a baby girl clone named Eve.
I agree with everything you said, Kakuzen. ;)

I am no expert, and would also think first that cloning humans is more difficult than animals. However, scientists's opinions are divided. This article says that Cloning humans 'easier' than animals. It seemed that Scientists succeeded in cloning monkeys 3 years ago.

Regardless of whether Eve really is a clone or not, there has been other stories of human cloning. I remember that Italian doctor named Severino Antinori who was working on his human clone too.

Earlier this year, Dr Antinori predicted that he would complete the first human cloning operation within 18 months.

That article is from August 2002, so his clone could be born in about one year's time. His claims are much more credible as he is already famous for enabling women in their 50s and 60s to give birth through in vitro fertilisation.

He shot to prominence in 1994 when he helped a 63-year-old woman to have a baby by implanting a donor's fertilised egg in her uterus, making her the oldest known women in the world to give birth.

Anyway. I also believe that human clones may have been secretly made. Scientists, knowing that the public opinion reaction could lead to a ban, kept it for them in order to continue their research. That's what I would do if I were them (but I am not ;) ).
I fully subscribe to the last two posts. It's biz and PR. Being fond of conspiracy theories we probably have to be more afraid of what's not on the news.

A quick refutation of the Raelian cult

I also wanted to add that Raelians are exasperatingly senseless(not a big news, but I'll explain why).

1) If they claim that humans have been cloned by aliens, then it only means that aliens are humans. Or are they also confusing cloning and genetical engineering ?

2) As baby humans can't live without parents anyway, there should have been aliens (euh, sorry parents) to raise them. They would speak a single language containing vocabulary of the advancement level the aliens had reached.

3) Why didn't the "human aliens" from whom we were cloned colonise Earth themselves rather than cloning themselves ? Why didn't they make babies instead of clones ? Why leave them in the most primitive condition when they could have sent educated people with computers or books ?

4) How can they explain the racial diversity (Caucasians, Asians, Africans, Aborigenal Australians....), originally by region, without evolution.

5) Even if they reject the Darwnian theory that all humans evolved from the ape, fish, etc., they must comply with the certainty that human beings once lived in caves and even nowadays live primitively in remote jungles (Amazon...). How could we explain such a primitive condition if we descend from advanced humans that knew of cloning ?

Of course, they can't answer any of these questions. I am really sorry for the "primitive people" :sorry: who follow this sect and help a few not-so-stupid leader to amass fortunes and find a place in history books .
Hmm!! Lots of points to ponder:confused:

I must include a program that I had watched a long time ago, the title of this program I didn't know then and still don't!! But the purpose of this film was "cloning limbs", "baby limbs", I really found this program far-fetched and some T.V. stunt. They had taken a few cells from a new-born baby who had been born with a deformed (leg, arm)limb, grew a new limb in a plastic container, they had shown its progress as if it would grow with-in the womb, unshaped at first and within a few months its shape forming, toes or fingers growing, well to cut the story short, as soon as they were able, the limb was attached to the infant with no care of rejection as all the tissue it was from the child its-self, with-in one year of the child's life it had a fully functional limb, as the child reached age 2-5years the smaller limb appeared awkward and less advanced, it was suggested that at adulthood, the limb would be classed as "normal" and working as efficiently as the limb the baby was born with, the size would no longer be an issue as the limb would grow at the normal human growth rate.
I also must add that I have never seen any follow-up to this program, but I must get looking around for some material.🙂
Here's more on the Raelians:

Earthlings, the Prophet of Clone Is Alive in Quebec

What did the aliens look like?

"A little more like Japanese than European people, but they are not green," he said. "Their suits are green, yes, but not their skin."


The heart of the Raelian world in Valcourt, with a copy of the spaceship Rael says he visited in the 1970s. The beads are strands of a DNA model.

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