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Radio 1/2 this Sunday! [no replies]


13 Jul 2002
Greetings! 🙂

I hope people don't mind, but I wanted to start a thread where I could post weekly updates about my Asian pop radio show for the coming Sunday. I wanted to have a thread without replies to have an unbroken string of information regarding the show, just for information's sake. If this is a problem, please let me know!

Anyway, I wanted to post general info at the top of the thread which will apply to all further posts. Firstly, Radio 1/2 is a show devoted to exposing the public to the diverse sounds of the modern music scenes of many Asian countries, with an emphasis on Japan. At present, I span a timeframe from the early 1960's up until the present day.

The show airs on WSPN 91.1 FM, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA every Sunday morning from 6 - 9 AM. WSPN also simulcasts over the Internet through its website:

WSPN | 91.1 Skidmore College Radio

This gives the ability for anyone with an Internet connection to check out the show as well, and there are instructions for setting up the streaming audio at the WSPN website. I'm not going to list the exact times the show would be on all across the world, but generally speaking the show is on Sunday afternoons across Europe and on Sunday evenings in Japan.

I do take requests during the show, and am more than happy to play them provided I have the song in my collection. I announce the phone number for the station during the show, and if the station gets its in-studio Instant Messaging capability back I will relay that information as well.

Although much of the show is free format, I do have two recurring segments for each show:

* TIME CAPSULE --- This is a look back to songs which were topping the Oricon charts in Japan for that week since the charts began in 1968. Of course I can only play what's in my collection, so the picture is far from complete... but it does give an interesting perspective on the development of the modern J-Pop sound.

* BLOCK PARTY --- This is a concentrated block of music on a particular theme. Usually it will consist of music from a particular artist or music from a particular soundtrack (anime, videogame, drama)... but occasionally I'll come up with a more abstract Block Party concept.

I will also come up with other segments from time to time, which I will alert you about here.

Anyway, that's all the general info. I hope you get a chance to check out the show, and if you do please send me a personal message or start a new thread telling me what you think.


Thanks for listening!
Radio 1/2 for August 11th, 2002

Coming up on the Radio 1/2 show...

This week is a pretty good mix of many eras, including Hide & Rosanna from 1970, Monta & Brothers from 1980 as well as two influential women from the 1990's: Yumi Matsutoya and Ayumi Hamasaki! This edition also features THREE of the most popular singles in all of J-Pop history... tune in and check it out!

BLOCK PARTY --- B'Z (Part I)
Since I recently picked up a lot of B'z material and we're in a B'z lull in the Time Capsule, I'll be featuring this popular duo over the next two weeks... this will include three B'z tracks never before heard on the Radio 1/2 show!

TOP TEN OF 1997 ---
I recently closed out my listener poll after five years, and before I start the next concept in listener feedback, I wanted to do a review of the Asian pop music voted most popular at the Radio 1/2 show by year. We'll start where the show began, with 1997's year-end Top Ten...

Hope to see you there!
I sincerely apologize to anyone who tried to tune in... when I saw Thomas' message I tried it out myself and got the same error. I don't know what's going on, but apparently the entire Skidmore College website is down... nothing at its DNS works.

I'll try to find out what happened and get back to you... this would happen after I spent all this time telling people about the webcast...


Again, my apologies... it was working as of a couple of days ago.
Certainly not your fault, Stevie.

A few days ago I did a link check on our directory, you wouldn't believe how many uni or college pages are down at the moment. A lot of sys admins seem to be on vacation.

Welp, the WSPN website's back up and running now... so if we're lucky it'll still be running this coming Sunday.

Radio 1/2 for August 31st, 2002


I apologize for the recent silence... I just came through a rather BUSY patch at work. The show's been rolling on as always, but it severely cut into my Internet play time...


I really wanted to post an update this time because there is a schedule change in case anyone wants to try out the Internet broadcast of the station... for this week only, Radio 1/2 will air on Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning. The time is still the same, though... 6 to 9 AM Eastern USA time...

Coming up on this week's show...

This week we strike back almost to the beginnings of the Oricon charts with a big hit from 1969... then it's all '80s and '90s, including #1 hits from roller-skating idols Hikaru Genji, popular pop duo Chage & Aska, influential "new music" pioneer Yumi Matsutoya as well as some early Ayumi Hamasaki. Oh yeah... did you know a certain cross-dressing SMAP member was #1 this week as well? You betcha!

BLOCK PARTY --- Mi-Ke and Off Course
The idol pop trio Mi-Ke, which included Keiko Utoku, was probably best known for their many '80s covers of classic J-Pop songs and artists. Included on the one Mi-Ke CD I own are a series of medleys from famous singers and groups, and I'd like to do a series of blocks featuring the original tunes followed by the Mi-Ke medley... we'll begin with their tribute to the band led by singer Kazumasa Oda.

TOP TEN OF 2000 ---
We continue our series of year-end countdowns spanning the history of the show's listener poll. The year 2000 was really a tale of two songs, which battled tooth and nail over the #1 position throughout the summer of that year... what songs, you ask? Tune in and find out!

Hop to see you there!
Radio 1/2 for September 15th, 2002


On tomorrow's show, we'll be trying out a little home-cooked in-studio Internet connection... so if things turn out OK, I should be able to take your Asian pop requests live... I'll give out more info on the show itself...

Also on the schedule:

This week is heavy on the 1990's, featuring Oricon #1's from BOOWY member Kyosuke Himuro, "Being" artists Zard and two from the former J-trio globe... but we'll have a bit of history to start from two major idol units...

BLOCK PARTY --- Ryuichi Sakamoto
We're going to put together an extended block of music from this influential Japanese composer, including works from the Yellow Magic Orchestra era, some solo work featuring intriguing collaborators as well as his masterful movie soundtrack work... all this just from seeing him on Iron Chef last night!

TOP TEN OF 2002 ---
Finally, we'll end our series of year-end listener polls with the five month polling period of this year, January through May, which will lead us into a new idea I'll elaborate on next week...

If you're interested, please check the first message in the thread for all the show specifics... and I hope to see you there tomorrow!

Hello Stevie!

dj DJ and I met you at Miki's Jpop barbeque, and thought I should let you know that I've added your show to a website list of anime/Jpop events in upstate NY ( http://www.animerathon.org/ and look under "Events").

I'd love to add a better blurb about your show, or better yet link to a place where you're giving weekly udates on show content (like here ^-^). Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to do to help promote Radio 1/2!

Now all I have to do is wake up early enough to listen to it myself ^_~

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