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Radio 1/2: Listening alternative?


13 Jul 2002
Greetings! 🙂

Sorry to take up more bandwidth regarding my Asian pop radio show, but since some people did sound interested I wanted to "think out loud" here...

After the situation with WSPN's website going down last Sunday, it got me thinking about other ways to offer the show to listeners outside of the station's range (i.e. 99.999% of the world). I have been recording the show religiously since I began broadcasting in May 1997, which made me consider this.

Would there be any interest in a kind of Radio 1/2 subscription service? Obviously this would be a very small scale operation, as I'd be doing it myself, but I could offer to make tape recordings of the shows and send them to interested listeners around the world.

I figure I would offer one show per month, so that more people could get in on it... I'd use my judgment and pick the show I felt came out the best for the month and send it out to the subscription group. So you (as a subscriber) would receive three hours of great Asian pop music each month...

If this were big enough, I'd probably have to charge some sort of nominal fee to cover the cost of cassette tapes and at least some of the shipping. But I'd probably do the first month free once I decided how this would actually run.

Like I said, this is merely me thinking out loud... I was curious to see if there would even be any interest in a service like this. If there is, I'd be happy to set something up... but again, this is just my little radio show in upstate New York. So I'm throwing the idea out here for debate... I'm all for trying to spread the gospel of Asian pop music as far as possible!

Let me know what you think!

Well, i think tapes are a bit outdated.
If i would set up such a service it would be webbased. For instance, put all the shows in MP3-format on an FTP-server and have people pay for access.

And it should remain very small scale, because otherwise the RIAA will be on your back, though they don't seem to bother with Japanese music that much. But there is also such a thing as a JRIAA. In any case you're spreading copyrighted material, which is still illegal.

If you really want to let the world know how great asian music is, i suggest you have the audiostream upgraded and start advertising your show as much as you can.
Another suggestion i have is to store the show on the website as a (streaming) MP3-file, so people can listen to it on different times then when the show is actually on the air.
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