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Race car driving - Japan opportunity

2 Aug 2004
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I am new to this Forum, so I apologise if I inadvertently break any rules.

My company represents one of Australia's largest race car experiences which operates drive days throughout Australia. Drive days run at well-established professional race tracks and last from 1-3 days. Cost includes full translation, training, the track days, limos from hotel to track, certificates and the helmet (which participants can keep).

Although I am not a car lover, I understand the newer vehicles can travel around 250km per hour. The cars are based on a Formula Ford Chassis and are fitted with a 2 litre Ford Z-Tech engine. To extract full power, the Z-Tech is given a new electronics package, new fuel induction and exhaust system and is fitted with an electronic water pump to save drag. With these modifications, the engine easily develops 200 Horse Power at it's computer controlled limit of 7,000 RPM. The power is driven through a Hewland 200 Series, 4 Speed Gearbox.

To give the car additional high speed stability, a small but very effective wing kit has been fitted. Braking is provided by standard Formula Ford Brakes at rear and larger callipers and discs are fitted to the front. The cars handling and excellent braking is enhanced by the fitment of Yokohama Race Tyres ( 200 x 50 Front and 240 x 45 Rear ). These tyres are matched to a 13" x 6.5" Front and 13" x 8" Rear Rims. This is similar to the tyre and wheel package currently run on Formula 3 Race Cars.

On behalf of my client, my company is looking for a Japanese partner or partners willing to discuss a joint venture or act as agent in the Japan market to attract Japanese racing car enthusiasts and the general population to undertake such an experience in Australia (they may be travelling specifically for the experience or they may be visiting Australia and want to add-on the experience).

I am scheduled to visit Japan in early September to discuss this opportunity with several companies. However I am viewing this opportunity with a clean slate and have an open mind as to who we initiate discussions with.

Essentially I am interested in:

1. Any information you have which can help clarify our strategy for this market.

2. Any specific industries you believe we should be talking to.

3. Any specific contacts you may recommend.

4. Any perils or pitfalls I should be made aware of.

5. Any general information

For reference, I lived in Japan for several years and can navigate myself through the Japanese business world. As part of this, I recognise a referral is always better than a cold contact.

My email address is matthew@abrahams.com.au should anyone wish to contact me directly.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Matthew Abrahams
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