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R.I.P. JapaneseCulture.About.com


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14 Mar 2002
Due to economic problems About.com closed down a few hundred of its excellent resource pages, the Japanese Culture section maintained by Lisa Heupel being one of them. We grieve for one of the best and most popular web sites dealing with Japanese online resources.
Lisa managed to compile an impressive list of web sites that dealt with all aspects of Japanese culture. Her expertise and her efforts will be missed. We are sure this won't be the last heard of her.

Taken from her bio page:

Lisa Heupel

[email protected]

Lisa Heupel is an American of Japanese ancestry, born and raised in Hawaii. Her mother is a Japanese national and her father is a nisei (second generation) Japanese-American.

Experience: Lisa spent two years in Japan under the Princeton-in-Asia program. During her time there, she travelled to historical Kyoto and Nara, studied the koto (Japanese harp), kimono kizuke (the wearing of the kimono), and of course the language.

Education: Lisa received a B.A. in East Asian Studies, with a concentration in Japanese cultural studies from Princeton University.

From Lisa: "Konnichiwa! I am thrilled to be sharing the Japanese culture with you. As a child, I visited Japan several times because my mother felt it was important for me to know my heritage. She did a great job of instilling me with a deep appreciation for Japan. Thanks to her, I have developed both the academic knowledge and the real life understanding of the Japanese culture. Yoroshiku!"


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