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22 Apr 2003
Hi everyone!

I just received this sentence from a friend on his Mars viewing experience and was having a little trouble with the first part. Clearly it appeared red and was shining/glowing at a southerly (or in the southern sky?), 40 degree angle -- but why the repetition of the adverb red?

南の方角に赤く40度くらいの角度で赤く輝いていまし た。

Secondly, what is the difference between 相当な偶然 and
とても偶然? Soutouna guuzen would be more like fairly coincidental and totemo very?


My guess is that the double red is just a typing error.

I'm not sure about the soutou & totemo but I would take them to mean basically the same thing. Like the difference between saying "very" and "considerably".
Thanks, mdchachi! Yes, I figured the first use of "red" was probably in error, just seemed a slightly odd sort of mistake.

The soutou & totemo seem very similar to me as well. Probably because this distinction isn't as finely applied in English. Anyway, I was corrected down from "very" (which is a common modifier for coincidental) to "soutou" (which isn't) :eek:, so thought I should at least ask.
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