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Quick question, quick answers about your country


16 Aug 2003
What's the 10 most world-wide well know things about ur country?!?!?! :giggle: It can be places, people, anything!! I'll start!!

1.Rio de Janeiro
3.Bossa Nova(music)
5.Hot women
7.Brasilia(Brazil's capital interesting architecture)
8.Iguacu falls(like NIcaragua falls)
9.Amazon (rainforest and the river)
10.Many kinds of hearb(since alucinogenes to healing herbs)

I think that's all (Am I forgeting anything?!)


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Hmmmm That was a good one...But I'm not to sure if I know enough for Canada...All I know is about the province I live in. But I'll try....:eek: Any other fellow Canadian can help me!!!

1. Parliament Hill (Ottawa)
2. Anne of Green Gables play? (Prince Edward Island)
3.Hudson's Bay Company
4.Canadian Rocky Mountain Park?
5. Mad Cow Scare
6.Niagra Falls
7.Liberal Scandal with Prime Minister (current)
8. The October crisis (1970's) (when Quebec wanted to split from Canada)
That's all I got, but I don't think many people know about all this...
^_^ I'm not too Canadian saavy...@_@;;;;;;;;;;
For Brazil, the World Cup comes to mind.
For Canada, Hockey comes to mind.

I can say too much about America...
So I'll limit it to Hawaii only:

1) Waikiki Beach
2) Diamond Head
3) Warm weather
4) Surfing
5) Hula
6) Ukulele
7) Pearl Harbor
8) Vacation place, especially for many Japanese tourist
9) Hawaiian language
10) King Kamehameha

1) bush/jackass....
2) clinton/lewinsky
3) Atlanta/black mecca
4) New York/what else can you say! Plus neptunemoon! 😌
5) spring break
6) eifel tower[spl?]
7) white house
8) disneyland
9) seaworld
10) Music
*sigh* stereotype time

1. The Queen
2. Tea
3. Crumpets
4. Fish and Chips
5. Cockney Rhyming Slang
6. Buckingham Palace
7. The fact that we owned something stupid like 25% of the globe
8. The Beatles
9. Beefeaters
10. Being able to spell.
eto...here goes
1.Clean nation
2.Safe society
3.Environmental friendly
4.Well known for places of tall buildings among asia
5.No natural disaster
6.Place known called food heaven
7.Multi-racial nation
8.Great trading docks for shipments
9.Great Airport service among the world
10.Shopping heaven
some fellows already wrote about Canada..so I will write about China then..

1.Kung Fu
2.Bruce Lee (the man)
Jackie Chan (the clown)
3.Yao Ming
4.Cheap products
5.Shaolin Temple (and Shaolin Kung Fu)
6.Dim Sum
7.Dragon (it is like a symbol of the Chinese race,Chinese people refers to themselves as "the descendants of the dragons")
8.Great Wall
9.Tiananmen Square (June 1989)
10.beautiful,family oriented females
EscaFlowne said:
6) eifel tower[spl?]
what!? and here i thought that was in france... :giggle:

as for america im gonna say
1. hollywood
2. fat/lazy people
3. guns
4. whoever's president
5. big place
6. dollar
7. nuclear weapons
8. statue of liberty
9. superbowl
10. jerry springer
I've been to Singapore once...It's a really nice country! It's a very modern country..I love tall buildings...enjoyed the downton with a lot of buildings!! U can be arrested if u throw garbage on the streets isnt? Friendly people!
I heard that now you can chew gum outside in Singapore, is that right? But I can understand banning gum. You can see so many blackish spots on the ground here, most likely caused by gum...
jeisan said:
what!? and here i thought that was in france... :giggle:

as for america im gonna say
1. hollywood
2. fat/lazy people
3. guns
4. whoever's president
5. big place
6. dollar
7. nuclear weapons
8. statue of liberty
9. superbowl
10. jerry springer
i would have to say the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
yeah the Singapore govt's attracting foreign talent right??? so i'm sure everyone's welcome... coz everyone has their own talent!!!
England's already been covered so-

1-Tulips (Stolen from England after they imported them from Turkey)
3-Wooden shoes (great tourist's gift-called 'Klompen'-yes I wore them too as a kid)
4-water, lots of it
5-Dykes-both earthworks as well as gay women...*sighs*
6-Drugs, sex and sinning in general
7-Being more religious than God himself....*sighs again*
8-Rotterdam harbour
9-Arnhem-'a bridge too far'-play it on yer PS2 with MOH ;)
10-International court-Den Haag (the Hague)

Not much to be proud of huh? Nationally speaking, that is.
As far as my native region goes-there's a lot of good things around:
Hard working people, kindness (noaberschop), the Nedersaksisch-dialect, nature:woods, brooks and hills.
It's okay, Esca. After all, Gustave Eiffel was the engineer behind Bartholdi's design. He's the reason it could stand.
Hmm. UK's been covered, so I could either do India or Malaysia:
INDIA then :
1. Mahatma Gandhi
2. Kashmir
3. Curry
4. Holy Cow(s)
5. Hindus
6. Taj Mahal (is it in India? I forget)
7. The Ganges River
8. The British Occupation many years ago
9. Sikhism
10 . Beef free restaurants (can't actually confirm this ;-) )
Since nobody's done it for Germany so far, here comes:

1. Beer
2. Lederhosen
3. Oktoberfest
4. Discipline
5. Helmut Kohl
6. Berlin
7. Hofbräuhaus
8. Heidelberg
9. Mercedes Benz
10. Sausages

Feel free to add any additonal suggestions or corrections
👍 Did u know that we have an Oktoberfest in the south of Brazil too?!It's very famous...There are lots of German Descents there and they wear traditional clothes, dance, sing..It's very nice!! There is also a competition of who can drink cans of beer... And I love Mercedez..But one thing that I dont like about German it's Hittler....
And near my City there is a Holland descents village...And if u walk by the city U fell u're in Holland...Blond people, the architecture, the tulips, wooden shoes...In Holland u can buy marijuana at bars and homossexual marriage its allowed isnt?! Very nice country too!! 😌
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