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I do... every now and then...
Dragon Ash is cool, apart from those R&B'ish ballads they've been doing lately.
Been listening to Morrow from Dragon Ash. Haven't heard many songs from them. Mostly hearing songs from Glay, Hikki, Ayumi and who can forget BoA:p
I am a big fan of Dragon Ash I also like Glay very much. I dont know kick the can crew heh.
I liked a recent KTCC single I heard on Hey3 Music Champ, but I forget how it went.

Must not have liked it too much.

Dragon Ash, I love. They've really changed from what they sounded like in '97, but they are still really awesome in my ears. I love Kenji's *or whatever he is calling himself now, I cant remember his new nickname* solo stuff too.
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