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Yeah for real

24 Jun 2003
🙂 Hey, hey, I got a question for the admins of this site... in the j-pop section of the forums, are we allowed to upload mp3 files as attachments (however you spell it) , and if so, what are the limits to doing so? 🙂 Thank you for your time.
Preferably not, since it's still rather illegal practice (unless it's something you made yourself).

We don't want to become a host for mp3's, since they cause too much traffic anyway.

If the demand is high enough, we might be able to open an mp3 section on this board, but then it could only contain files that are not subject to copyright or uploaded by the artists themselves. That would basically make us something like MP3.com, but focussed on Japanese artists.
Not a bad idea, actually, but it's up to our Uber-Admin Thomas if he can afford the traffic and drive-space.
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