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Help Question on IME and getting Jp to show up in programs.

2 Aug 2003
Ok, from Microsoft's page I've downloaded IME JP. So now I can write Japanese, thats great! But Japanese wouldn't show up in some programs, or not even write in some. Those programs are Aol Instant Msg, WinMX, and also in my email inbox at yahoo. (the Jp characters are just wacky symbols, and I can't send Jp emails) I'd like to know why Japanese won't show/write in these programs or sites, and how I can fix it!! I read something about finding a Jp compatible font, but I dont quite understand.


If anyone could take the time to help me out, Thanks!!
WAIT FOR "jeisan" TO LOG ON!!

He is my computer guru(gets on knees & bows deeply towards "HIS" mountain cave); "HE" will know the answer, "HE" knows all!!!

I don't know why either, as I experience it too. For WinMX, I think I've read that if you do the search with the wacky symbols, it'll still be able to search it.
Though I was able to get it to work on yahoo mail.
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