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Question: are you glad to be Japanese?


8 Oct 2002
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The Japanese language has more alphabets and ways of expression than other languages like English - I love my mother tongue."

In spring I can go to cherry blossom viewing, visit beaches in the summer, see changing red and yellow leaves in autumn and ski in winter. I like it here."

Konnichiwa Arnadstephen-san!

I am Japanese, and I like Japan. But if I was born in the other country, I began to like the other country where my birthplace is.:D

I like Japan because here is not war(I am a postwar generation of Japan). Peace is the best.
And there is the Anime/Manga.:D

Well, I love the Japanese not only because they have animes and mangas, but because they always have new stuff. New games, new tv programs, new drama. Everything's interesting there. And I like Japanese girls too.
Absolutely not!
I've heard it's so comfortant living in Japan.
but don't know their language and culture etc.
Koreans are still much against those who want
to be a japanese.
I love Japan because they got Gackt, Malice Mizer, Anime/Manga, and the Final Fantasy games is released in Japan first. FF X - 2 was coming to Norway in spring 2004. It`s too long to wait for me. I want it now!
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