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Question about hotels


9 Mar 2003
I was wondering, since I don't really travel much, but what does a 'double occupancy' room tell you? Can more than two people stay in one? :p
Do they track how many people stay in the room? I mean, can you have like 10 people (just exaggerating) and people can sleep on the floor and they won't go after you or anything (don't know how they would check though)?
if you dont tell them there's that many people in there, though 10 people tend to make alot of noise...
Yeah, hotels have to watch.. I wouldnt ever do it I mean 1 person extra might not seem like a lot, but say something happened to them what would you do? They are trespassing.
Thanks for the heads up. I'm just wondering if there are "alternate" ways to save money on hotels by grouping a bunch of people in one room with one price. *lol*
Any other ideas?
in tokyo, there is no such thing as privacy (imo/ime), because it's so heavily populated
walls are thin
walk down the street, turn around quick, someone is looking
look out the window/balcony, someone is looking
duck down alley. here comes someone
throw that in with reg foreigner scrutinizing

give me the exact number and i'll ask some friends/do some research
i think there are some guest houses like that -- bunk beds...
Ah, I see.

I've seen some guest houses prices too, which is about 30-something per person for like 9 people, which is fairly good, though I don't know what guest houses (same as what people call gaijin houses?) are. I don't really know the number right now. For a number, I'd say 5 or 6. But if you know of good various websites (E/J) for info, I'd like to see some. :) Thanks.

Edit: looks like Jref already has a lot about these things. :D
Thanks! The sakura-hotel looks good. I was looking at the sakura-house earlier but that one had like a one month minimum payment, which isn't good for a trip, but this one looks like it doesn't have that! :)
yah, it looks like they are affiliated, actually
"...for longer stay in Tokyo. Guest house and apartment agency"
location seems to be pretty cool also (never stayed there -- just riding through -- "jimbocho... jimbocho...")
As my experience in Shinjuku area hotels.......if you pay 80 usd for a single room
or 100 for a double room you can sleep in 2 o3 as normally the entrance is not near the reception.....the difference is when you pay for a double room
and breakfast is included in the rate.....so
What I do not like there is that you must pay in advance the 4 or 5 days of your
stay.....normally in Europe the customers pay when checkout....
I think that all this because I was in the Washington hotel in shinjuku
and the reception is on the first floor, meanwhile the levator is on the ground floor.
so they cannot control who goes who comes ....I suppose.....but i do not like this system if I pay for 5 nights and I have to leave after 2 nights they will not give money back and as alredy taken from credit card.....so to return your money baon you credit card account you must wait more than 3/4 weeks
hello everybody
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