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Question about banner exchange


6 Jun 2003
Hi, I was wondering if I signed up for the banner exchange, does that mean different banner will appear on my site too? I am very lost. I was just hoping to get my banner posted here. Can you please explain to me how it works? Thank you very much.
Hi Japan123, joining the Japan Banner Exchange means that banners of other members will be displayed on your website. The more banners you display, the more exposures you will earn. If you would just like to display your own banner without joining the banner exchange you will need to sign up for a sponsored account (available within the next few days). Sponsored accounts allow you to buy a certain amount of banner impressions in advance. Also, sponsored accounts receive an advantage over other member accounts.
and for edititng your banner, the space "Alt tag over your banner 1" what does this mean and what do we put in it?
It's basically the alt tag for images ( = your banner) in HTML.
What are the prices for a sponsored account? Or would you happen to have a banner code in a more square size rather than 468x60? I just signed up to your banner exchange program.
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