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Question about a name: "Eniko". Please give your opinion.


9 May 2016
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I am considering giving my daughter the Hungarian name "Eniko" as a middle name, as I have Hungarian heritage. Here's the background on this name: Enikő - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A friend of mine said: "that sounds Japanese!". I have lived in Japan and am a big fan of Japanese culture. I was aware that the name sounded Japanese, but actually wasn't.

However, I thought I should just check - if you were a Japanese person seeing this name, what would you think of it? Would you think that a gaijin was trying to use a Japanese name but made it up?

Curious, I checked to see if there were any Kanji that would 'match up' to this name.

I found a bunch of Kanji for the name "Eni" on Jisho.org: Japanese Dictionary including the following combination:

恵仁 (favor, blessing, grace,kindness / humanity, virtue,benevolence, charity,man, kernel).

So, could this Hungarian name also appear as 恵仁子?

I'm not asking because a Japanese form of this name would ever be used formally. I'm just asking out of curiosity, to find out some opinions of this name from fellow japanophiles and to see what kind of feeling that it has.

Also, if my daughter ever wanted to try and 'write her name in kanji' she could have a nice meaning associated with it (once again, not formally, but as a nice personal association).

If this Hungarian name has a 'nice' association / feeling for a Japanese person, then I would be able to give my daughter a middle name that reflects her ancestry but also vaguely connects her to a culture that I love so much.

I was also looking at the Hungarian name 'Aniko', but if you were Japanese and read it, it would be 'Older Brother Child'. Furthermore, this name is pronounced 'Oniko', which if I said it aloud that would mean 'Devil Child' in Japanese. So I think Eniko might be better for the much more positive meaning associations.

When you give your opinion please tell me if you are Japanese or not (I'd love to get opinions from both groups if possible). Thanks in advance!


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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My opinion: don't try making a kanji spelling. Many Japanese don't even have one! They simply use katakana or hiragana. You should do the same.


22 Feb 2008
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A Japanese female given name "Eniko" indeed exists, but, unlike Emiko, Eriko or Eiko, it's a very rare name. The meaning of a name is provided by the kanji, and you can choose your favorite kanji from many combinations of "e" and "ni", thus, it's not impossible to give the meaning you want to the name.
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