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the crazy hyper one...
15 Oct 2003
can someone enlighten me as to how the Qoo cans in other countries like Korea and Japan look like? thanx!!! :)
oh... haven't seen you for a long time!! Qoo cans? oh, you mean those with the blue cat type tihng that drinks from the cans etc, right?
... i mean the picture of the Qoo guy which are on the cans... coz i heard they differ from country to country and there are some limited edition ones as well??? the Christmas one was really cute!!!
Originally posted by TyPe-ZeRo
What the f...???!??! is that somek ind of orange drink? lol

Haha... Qoo has many fruity flavours... it prob caught on cuz of the cute character... guess u dun get it in the States huh?
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