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Q: Cheapest way to stay in Tokyo!


1 Dec 2003

Hello, I'm new to these boards. Please treat me kindly!

I used to live in Tokyo some years back, in the Harajuku area. Recently I booked a ticket to travel out there again to see a few friends for two weeks. Unfortunatly the person I arranged to stay with has now told me (after I've bought the ticket) that I can't stay with her for the week duration we planned as her boyfriend is jelous!

(people always have double standards, I let her stay here in Brighton with me earlier this year. BTW this person is an old work collegue from the design company I worked at in Tokyo)

And in light of the this bad news, I have one weeks hotel budget to spread over two weeks!
So I was wondering, does anyone know the cheapest way to stay in Tokyo?

I am fairly competent at Japanese, IE: I can book a hotel or order beer and stuff. So speaking and reading is not really a problem.

Thanks in advance, 窶堙披?堋ソ窶堙。窶堙≫?堋ッツ、ニ停?ーニ置ニ築ニ弾ニ停?ケ窶堙??堋ゥ窶堋セ窶堋「窶堋カ窶堙・窶堋、窶堙

Dunno if some of them capsule hotels are still running, but that's another option of the last resort...

or, if you can find a regular way of bathing, some coffee shops are open 24/7, as the very last resort... :eek:

but Budd's idea sounds good
My friend told me about these things called Guest houses, they cost about $18 a night (According to her).

Another friend who has been to Tokyo a few times said he stays in similar accomodations for about the same price.
these guest houses sound very interesting! do you have any more information? I'm leaving soon, and unable to forfeit the trip need the cheapest soloution possible.

I'm sorry to sound patronising and I do appreciate the help, but yes, I have access to google too ;)
I'm sort of looking for more focused help, but thanks again! 🙇‍♂️


actually someone gave me a link that you posted here and I found something really cheap! I spoke too soon! thanks for your time
thing is the capsule hotels are so damn expensive actually!

Well thanks for all the replies, I managed to book a hotel for two weeks @ 2,800 yen a night. Which is dirt cheap! A little on the outer side of Tokyo (near ueno etc) but usefull all the same.
You know. I have the greatest idea. If you are really cheap then you should stay in Ueno park. There is actually a section of the park dedicated to these nice homeless people.
You should get to know one of them and they'll definetly invite you to stay with them. I bet they'll even give you a free tour of Tokyo. They are really nice people!!!! Dont be afraid to say "konnichiwa" to them. The worst thing they could do to you is call you a "tomodachi" haha.....
I hope this helped. If worst comes to worst you will always have a friend waiting for you in Ueno Park.

(if you have money though_) go stay in a hotel for 3000 yen a night.)
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