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Pure Conjecture ????

Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
What if scientists from all over the world got togeather and announced they had "You Just Have To Believe This" Proof that man has no soul, there is no AFTERLIFE and therefor, no God of any kind!
I mean like, if you have an IQ over 7, you have to belive this. OK so you accept the proof that when your brain dies, thats it !!
1. How would it affect you and your future plans?

2. How would it affect your country and culture?

3. What would happen to all the people who's jobs and lives are based on religion?

4. Would the world be able to survive on just Humankinds laws and no religious beliefs of right and wrong?

5. Would there be mass suicides and world collapse?

6. Or, would everyone say ,who cares what science says ,and go right on believing what they have always believed ?

Think about it a while before you answer !!

I have already thought about that and it scared the crap out of me. Now I dont believe in the catholic religion but I believe in something. There is no reason to stop living though if that is true. Just have to keep living to the fullest. If everyone believed in that there is nothing after death then the question would come up why are we doing what we are doing working and having the same routine day after day. Still that shouldnt stop you. People might become more spontaneous but I dont think there would be mass suicides or world collapse. I remember playing metal gear solid 2 and how in the end they talked about our existence. Even if millions of years from now there is no mankind left we at least leave our memories behind. I cant say it as well as the game though. Do you know 100 years after you are dead no one will know you ever existed.
I'd have serious doubts about the findings of those scientists, that's all.
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Hmmm... that's an interesting scenario you described Frank. I suspect that most people would fall into three distinct camps. Those who refuse to abandon their faith or belief system in something greater, those who are ambivalent either way (no immediate or real changes evident), and those who figure to indulge their every guilty pleasure and revel in excess, gluttony, and self-gratification with little fear of moral reprisal.

As for myself... I can't really say with any certainty what I would believe and accept at that point or which ideological camp I might fall under. Although... I suspect I have already experienced all three phases at some point in my life to date. Heh... I used to run with a dangerous crowd and living fast and free was the only lifestyle I ever knew but luckily for me I grew out of that (for the most part).

Not the concrete answer you may have been looking for... but that's all that comes to mind atm. I guess if such circumstances were to ever be accepted as universal truth and your scenario came to fruition... then the best I could ever hope or want for in this mortal coil would be to spend the rest of my days with someone I loved and not worry about anything beyond that. A simple reply I know... but sometimes simple is enough.
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