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Punk, Metal, Goth, Industrial..need suggestions!


5 Aug 2002
I was at a loss when I was wandering the aisles of HMV in Takashimaya Times Square. I did not know who was good. I went to all the listening stations, and when I found something I liked, they were either sold out or I couldn't find it. There has got to be a better way! I ended up buying some American CDs and only two Japanese (Mongol 800 and Dry&Heavy) CDs.

Whenever i walk into a cd-store i always forget what i was actually coming for and end up buying something completely different...

As for suggestions:
Dir en Grey is a band that covers about all the genres you mentioned in the subject-header. Try their new mini-album Six Ugly.

Buck Tick is actually a new wave band, but they like to crossover into some industrial. Album: Sexy Streamliner Last year two members of Buck Tick worked on a project called Schwein together with members of the German/English KMFDM and the British band Pig. Album Schweinstein.

Dope Headz is the only true follow up to X-Japan, consisting of Pata, Heath and I.N.A.. Two weeks back they released their second album called Planet of the Dope.

As for gothic, i suggest you listen to Malice Mizer. This is the band Gackt used to be in, but their music is totally unlike what he's doing now. A good album to start with is Merveilles

A little commercial, but good punk comes from Sads. The band is run by Kiyoharu, formerly from KuroYume. Album: The rose god gave me.

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant is a very energetic punkrockband led by Yusuke Chiiba. Rodeo Tamdem Beat Specter is their latest album. Chiiba recently worked on another project called Rosso together with former Blankey Jet City bassist Toshiyuki Terui. Their album is called Bird.

Oh, and while you're shopping, do yourself a favor and pick up an old Blankey Jet City album.

The above mentioned titles should be easily available. Even at HMV. I also have a list of less known punk and metalbands from Japan. If you're interested i'll post it here.

Happy shopping!! 👏
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