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14 Mar 2002


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Here's an article I found at nytimes.com, July 23, 2002:

New Import From Japan That's Loaded With Sugar


The story of Puffy Amiyumi sounds like the story of any other pre-fab pop group. The two women were put together by music-industry executives in Tokyo; their first single, "Asia No Junshin," was a smash hit; over the next few years they conquered Japan with a television show and a blizzard of merchandise.

What's surprising about Puffy Amiyumi is the group's sound, which owes more to the Ramones than to the New Kids on the Block. On Saturday night at Irving Plaza, Puffy Amiyumi led a five-piece band through 17 songs of loud, sugary rock 'n' roll.

Ami Onuki wore ripped jeans and an oversized T-shirt, and Yumi Yoshimura took the stage in baggy pants and cheap sneakers. Their nonchalant performance only heightened the effect: they slouched and wandered around, acting as if the concert were merely a rehearsal in someone's garage.

Every once in a while, though, there were reminders that this was no ordinary garage band. What looked like casual gestures were actually synchronized dance moves; when Ms. Onuki kicked up her left foot, Ms. Yoshimura kicked up her right foot. The hard-core fans crowded near the front of the stage knew the act backward and forward: they sang along to all the songs, pumping fists and flashing peace signs at the appropriate times.

It's inevitable, perhaps, that a group like this would wear out its welcome in the course of a few years, so Puffy Amiyumi has set its sights on a new market: America. (In Japan the group is known simply as Puffy, but the group adopted a surname to make sure American listeners didn't confuse them with the hip-hop mogul.) A new CD, "An Illustrated History" (Bar/None), gathers 16 of the duo's greatest hits.

Of course American audiences generally demand that their stars speak (and sing) English, and most of Puffy Amiyumi's songs are in Japanese. Halfway through the concert, Ms. Onuki read a prepared statement. "If you don't understand what we are saying, just turn to the nearest Japanese person and ask," she said. "I bet they are exchange students and just dying to make new friends."

But even if the lyrics were mainly indecipherable, the musical references were familiar, and irresistible: the band quoted everyone from the Who to Gary Numan, and more than one song sounded like the Go-Gos. By the end of the night, when they played, "Puffy's Rule" 窶 a charged-up confection built around a refrain that goes, "La, la, la, la, la, la" 窶 it seemed only fair that Puffy Amiyumi be given a chance to wear out its welcome in America, too.

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Hmm, i'm reading about them everywhere and it's all good fun of course but... ehm...


Sorry, it's been a long day 😭 and i've got this terrible cold... :atchoo:
Peter, the European music biz is waiting for you. Open your own agency and promote Jpop/Asian pops, perhaps a market niche.

Btw, are you still on air at KinkFM?

Wish you a speedy recovery.
I've been thinking about starting up my own record-label for distribution of Japanese music, but honestly though, i don't think there's actually any profit in a business like that. At least not in Holland alone. On a European scale, maybe.
But i don't really have a nose for business anyway and i certainly don't have any money to invest. Are there any potential sponsors on this forum?? 🙂

Yeah, i'm still on Kink FM, but yesterday the regular DJ was sick and there weren't any replacements available, so we had the nonstop-program running.
I'll be back on friday though... 👏
I vote with Thomas. You should go independant. Contact everybody you know and get some groups bookings.

Need staff, give Thomas a ring. I bet he's got time on his hands.

Getting contacts in Japan. Just give em a ring. You don't need [konne] (connections) in this type of situation.

When they ask who speaks Japanese you just say Thomas and Nahoko do ;)

Take a chance !!!!

hmmm ... anybody hear of Yellow Generation (song::Lost generation) ??
Originally posted by moyashi
When they ask who speaks Japanese you just say Thomas and Nahoko do
Well, at least Nahoko has a decent command of Japanese, hehe. We'd be willing to help anytime.
Puffy Amiyumi!

Hello! 🙂 I'm new here! Nice to meet you all! :)

I would like to know where can I find some info/music videos on Puffy Amiyumi! I've searched everywhere I know but I couldn't find anyting😭
Welcome to the forum, PoKenshin. 🙂

You can basicly find out everything there is to know about Puffy AmiYumi on their official (English) website: PUFFY Official Website

As for video's, i suggest you try out WinMX. It's excellent for finding Japanese music and video's.

Just type in Puffy as the search-query, since they're known as only Puffy in Japan. The AmiYumi-part was added for the American market, so people wouldn't confuse them for Puff Daddy.

Good luck!
I saw Puffy when tey were here in Los Angeles this past summer and a frend took a few pictures.. chekc it out on my website. I got to mee them at there CD signing.. really cool girls.

Go to my site and click on photos and it should be at the bottom of the photos page.

Joshua Dearing
[email protected]
*motions around and giggles*

*barely making out words*

*something like....*

puffy... do... te-... titans... happy... star... girls..

i like them, most definitely
bought all three volumes of japan for sale and several cd/singles
that parappa rapper dude has some nice artwork also
Does any one here like Puffy AmiYumi?
I know it's kind of Girly... And by my avatar image you can see I like to betray myself as "all man."
But theres something about Puffy Amiyumi that's addicting.
You don't beleive me. Listen to their songs. The first time you hear there songs you think; this is kind of lame and just sounds like pop. But the second time you listen to you think; actually this is kind of good. And by the hundrenth time you're still not bored with it.
Now I have to do something manly.
on cartoonnetwork, there is a show called teen titans. they sing the theme show in englisn and japanese. they sing well.:)
i buy all of their stuff when i visit cd resale shops there
they are featured on the "japan for sale" series as well
I've enjoyed their music quite a bit, and they've been linked musically to some talented, legendary people in J-music as well. Like Twisted said, they've worked a lot with Tamio Okuda... I wanted to add that their first single (IIRC) "Asia no junshin" was written by legendary Japanese artist Yosui Inoue, who is also the artist behind "Yume no naka e", the song used as the ending theme to the KareKano anime series.

Personally, I love their songs "Mother" and "Circuit no musume"...

i lubb teen titans!! *sings along with theme song*

they've been playing the theme song in japanese as of recently!! XDDD
I like Puffy AmiYumi there's something about their music that I really like. Its fun and has a lot of feeling.
They're good. That song for Teen Titans is kind of annoying, though. They're going to perform at the House of Blues soon... if only I had money in my wallet...
Lopan999 said:
...The first time you hear there songs you think; this is kind of lame and just sounds like pop. But the second time you listen to you think; actually this is kind of good. And by the hundrenth time you're still not bored with it.

I don't really think of them as girlie... but I do agree with this part (above). I often think they have all the vocal abilities of a plate of beans navigating the digestive tract of a cow... but I am strangely attracted to them.

I think their music is very creative. You can tell they are borrowing sounds from everyone and their mother (namely, the beattles; "Kore ga watashi no ikiru michi", being a great example)... but I give them credit for having as diversified a sound as they do. Yasuharu Konishi (Pizzicato 5) has remixed a few of their tracks: Circuit no Musume, Your Love is a Drug, and BugiUgi No. 5--which are all awesome.
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