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Publishing Mangas in the UK and Europe. Hello from London.


11 Aug 2003
Publishing Mangas in the UK and Europe.
Dear all,

As a great fan of mangas, and a professional of the entertainment industry, I just created a company aimed at publishing mangas.
My goal is not to get licenses for already famous mangas (Neon, Gundam, Dragonball etc...).
In the first place: It's much more about trying to mix the manga art expression (artwork, layout etc.) and apply it to the British and European culture.
In the second place: It's to acquire licenses to bring unfamous, underground, or let's say more 'japanese' manga stories.
Though we (Europe) have a lot of super hero manga stories published, I believe people are now ready for more classic stories based on social life, history, politics and even cooking!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us and send us emails / artwork / stories, and all other links that could be useful for us to contact publishing companies and manga artists in Japan or anywhere else.
If you are a publishing company willing to sell rights for the UK and Western Europe, please contact our Acquisition Department.
If you are an individual and have any queries about our company, please contact us.

Magna Carta Publishing LTD
246 Francis Rd
E10 6NJ
United Kingdom

email: [email protected]

We also have a small office in Paris, France.
Magna Carta Publishing LTD
c/o Empire Chastang
24 rue de la Tour
75116 PARIS

Thank you for reading and we are looking forward to reading from you soon!
Hello Excalibur,
Welcome to the forum.
BAD name, but a good idea for a business. I hope it works out for you. If I can help in some small way just ask honey.
Just don't ask for money and we'll get along fine.

Huggy love, Rachel
welcome excalibur, i surely hope that your company will do well here in europe, i'd say that we are ready for more manga here, maybe not cooking programs. But other stuff that ain't sailor moon och Pokテゥmon or something like that, there in northern europe that's about what we have. gundam i quite good, but i prefer vandread befour gundam, my brother likes gundam, he also likes DBZ and DB and all the other in that group, i belive there is something called DBC allso, one of his friends is also in to those series.
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