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Psycho anime/manga fan deathmatch <spike308 vs. neko_mimi>


the crazy hyper one...
15 Oct 2003
okok... leave that thread alone for now... it's flooding already... i've started this thread specially for the two of u to bash each other up... haha.... i'm sure you'll sttract lotsa audiences...
of course... :p *bullets penetrate body somewhere unknown* damn..wish I knew were it hurt, but if I'm omnipotent, it doesn't matter :D *bats mimi with the tree, letting her body fly far off into the horizon*
*Himura is grabbing the microphone*
Welcome ladies and gentleman to this great event here live on stage -live on jRef!!! My name's Himura and I'm your moderator tonight!
==> In the left corner (-with the pink string-tanga :p) "The incredible Spiiiiiiike308" *gimme a S (S!!!)- gimme a P (P!!!) - gimme a I (I!!!) gimme a.... and what does it mean?! - SPIKE!!! What?! - SPIKE!!!!!!*
==> And in the right corner, "NEKO - gonna bite off ya head - MIMI !!!" She's known for her beauty and her brutality! Her style is unique!!

Both opponents have huge fanclubs and we're looking forward to an exciting battle!!!

==>>Fair Play please!! Good luck!!! now!! -- FIGHT!!! -- <<== :)
Who cares^^
:box: GO GO GO!!!! :box:

*short commercial break 🍜 :valentine :gulp: :sing: 🌹 *

"Back to the stadium!! -Both opponents still act passive - seems that they're trying to focus"
*waves to everyone* Hi!!

*Glances at spike* *waves to him* Good Luck!! *bows gracefully*

Who shall start??
*comes back from the concession stand to her front row seat* *throws some buttery popcorn into mouth* I don't know why you two are fighting but I ahve a feeling this will be good. *takes a sip of pop*🍜 🍾

Wait a minute! I should be co-hosting this with Himura! *jumps from her seat, popcorn and soda flying everywhere* * she does a twist in mid-air and is back in a black skirt, white t-shirt and black tie* Okay, on the sound of the gong you will both begin to fight. Keep in mind, this needs to be a CLEAN fight, long and tideous but CLEAN! Himura, would you be so kind as to hit the gong which will start this battle!?
Mayura, please come and sit next 2 me...in times like this we better stay close 2gether ^^, when the time is ready i will tell you all...

*Hopes this line will work*
"Audience, please welcome the sexy girl to my left!! -Thanks nikki_the_insane for co-hosting! And here you go!" *Himura hits the gong* ^-^//'( ))" *
*Enters, sits in front row*

*tips hat*

is this thing gonna start or what?


jees dont make me start things

*wonders what was started in the firt place*👏 :box:
*puts gun away* *looks around* spike-san isnt here.....*decides to take a nap*

p.s. go to the thread thing I'm New to find out why we are fighting and how it started or whatever lol
"Ladies and Gentlemen... Seems that Spike isn't here, yet. But I'm sure he'll show up soon, but if not he might be disqualified!! So please be patient..." *hey can somebody get me a drink and some popcorn please? -And a hotdog!^^*
*runa to concession stand and comes back with two drinks, a popcorn, a hot dog and cotton candy* yum, popcorn and cotton candy. Mmm, umm err. Yes, well... I think the question on everyone's mind is.. WHERE'S SPIKE-SAN!!! Does he have some sort of secret attack planned? Has he left to prepare it? What's going on here!? We want to see some action! XD Back to you himura! *hands over the mike to Himura and takes a swig of coke and pops a handful of popcorn into her mouth* :D

(btw, sex-ay am i? 😌 )
you see mayura. it's good your sitting next to me...now neko_nimi is going mad and wanna pick people from the audience !...But i won't lett that happen too you!! Becuase...i...uh...i..im super kev :box:
umm... ok... super kev...
hmm... actually... I STILL WANT TO KNOW!!!

ne, ne, did it actually already start?:confused:
*stand up right*

Guess I can be the warm up 👏 👏

*Drinks Bubble Tea*

LETS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:box: :box: :box: :box:
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