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PSO anyone ?


8 Dec 2003
Some PSO Maniacs in the house ? I would appreciate it to battle with ya ! :) I'm on all Dreamcast and Gamecube Versions including Episode 3 !
Dreamcat Ver.2 Vn_nV i am a big time PSO player been playing it since day of release good to see people still interested in it and whats ep 3 like cos i heard rumours that it wasnt as good as ep 2 Vo_OV although i like ep 1 best anyway
In my opinion,Episode 3 is as good as Episode 1&2 or even better.You know the Card Battles are addictiv.Some tactical action is great and it has of course deeper gameplay.You can create your own decks,collect many many cards,you can play Hero- and Darkside....but that's my opinion.You should try it :)
I am planning on getting it the moment it is released in the uk but i might import it from japan if i get impatient lol thanks for the info dude much appreciated Vn_nV
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