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5 Jan 2003

Ive never been to Japan but am a huge Japan-o-phile! Can anyone tell me what sort of prices small apartments start at in areas around nagano ? I am only thinking of a small one bedroom flat, nothing fancy! Domo Arigatou.
Hi Benji, welcome to the forum! Perhaps som eof our Japan-based members will be able to help you with your request.
it is in nagano, but damn property is expensive in japan, a lot.

by yourself maybe 50,000 yen a month for rent.
you wont be able to buy a house... even a small one.

i dont live in nagano, but supposedly its cheaper than the bigger cities in japan.
If you want to buy something (which means you first need a permanent visa) in Tokyo, count about 3000 euros (so about 2000 pounds) per square metre. Of course it could be 2000 or 5000 depending on the proximity to the station, city center, age of the building, etc.

If you want to rent, you can already find something for 40.000-50.000 yen/month (200-250 pounds) in Tokyo. I guess it's a bit cheaper in Nagano, but not sure.
the main problem you are going to face is that you will have to buy your appliances. I have found that you will need about 4,000 US dollars to get a fridge a/c heater lights ect. You may be able to find an apartment that has these things though. Good luck!!!
Thank you... all. One more question: im struggling to find good Japan property websites... can anyone direct me please?
It has been eleven years since we heard from the OP. Presumably he has either found his property or given up by now....
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