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12 May 2003
"In the United States, everything that is not prohibited by law is permitted.
In Germany, everything that is not permitted by law is prohibited.
In Russia, everything is prohibited, even if permitted by law.
In France, everything is permitted, even if prohibited by law.
In Switzerland, everything that is not prohibited by law is obligatory".


Of course that's just a joke. The first sentence work for every countries. In my knowledge, Danish, Belgians and Italians take greater pleasure in breaking the law for the sake of it than French people.

Instead of Russia, I'd have taken China, Myanmar or such countries.
Italian don`t have laws

There isn`t any law in Italy. they might be few regulations, but the Italians don`t have to observe any. Including the politicians and the ones that made the regulations.

Its what i call freedom!!

:D :D

In Italy there are laws ... not respected, but there are. As everybody don't (doesn't ? :p ) respect them, they now how it works, and it works this way (a little confuse, I admite). For instance, here in France, if you don't respect the traffic regulation, an accident may happen, whereas in Italy, you know that the guy in the car next to yours doesn't respect the traffic regulation, so that you are not surprised by his ... behaviour.
I think that most incredible cases can be found in southern Italy ... try to take a drive in Naples, you'd be surprised :D
Hello Riven,

thanks for your imput on Italian laws.

What i stated it was a joke!

A am aware that there`s a law in Italy, and many do not respect to follow through.

As for Napoletans peaple, they really don`t know the meaning of law. Napoletans are carefree people and they don`t like prohibictions and regulations, But, they are; kind, generous, lovable, affectionate people in the all world.

As for France, I love the way was and is. Laws or not.

Just about any artist, writer, poet, dream to go to France, even if as to be a short period of time. Lucky me, i got to spend most of my honeymoon in France, and laws or not, i enjoyed every time i was there with my dear husband, wich he also loves France.

By the way, we loved Nice, your city.



🙂 🙂
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