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Program to write Japanese?


13 Aug 2003
anyone knows one? best to free to download somewhere. :) you know, to write kana/kanji symbols on the computer.
thx for any replies. 🙂
If you've got a recent version of Windows you should be able to write Japanese anyway. I've got XP and my wife can do it no problem.

You can install new languages in the Control Panel 'Regional' and Language' section.
For website text input i use IME, u can get it in the microsoft website.

I used to use NJstar for text input on programs but my pc got reformat and i lost the program -_-;
Look for JWPce. I use it more than Windows IME because I can use the dictionary (EDICT) to double-check my kanji choices.

here is a link for JWPce.
It is one of the best I have found.
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