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24 Jun 2003
Anyone else out there taking the Japanese proficiency test next week? I'm taking the 2kyu, which I think I should pass all right. I'd like to try the 1kyu next year, but that is going to require some serious cramming.
yeah i was going to take the 2kyu test, but i completely forgot to send my completed application form off. i only remembered on the day it was due, and i was like... nooooooooooooo! (since it would have taken more than one day to get there). i'm such a retard.

but yeah, hopefully i can forget about 2kyu and go for 1kyu either next year or the year after. ahh, to dream...
Thats a bummer. But I guess it'll save you 5,200 yen anyway.

1kyu looks pretty hard. I've been progressing up the ranks year by year, so next years gotta be the 1kyu or I'll break my streak.
I'm thinking of maybe going for the 2kyu next year as well, I just haven't thought much about it yet. What are the different areas covered?
There is a kanji/vocabulary section, a listening section, and a reading/grammar section. It is recommended to know about 1,000 kanji, have a 6,000 word vocabulary and upper intermediate level grammar for the 2kyu.
That was helpful, Senseiman, thanks. I'll have to search out some mock tests or listening exercises to judge myself for sure, but at least am approaching at the point of being able to read and largely understand most general level newspaper and magazine articles which sounds from what you're describing like pretty much of what would be required. And could to some extent compensate for the listening part as well. ;)
Yeah, if you can read general level newspaper and magazine articles 2kyuu is probably about right for you. I'm not too sure about where you can find study materials online. In Japan they sell copies of the previous year's tests, complete with listening CDs, which are great study aids. You can get them at any major bookstore here, but I'm not sure if you can get them in the States or not. Might be worth asking around for.
Thanks again, senseiman. I'll probably be going back for a week or so in Febuary or March and will check around then.
I'll be taking 3kyu, hope that I pass this year, 2nd time.
Esp for listening, I just think that its too fast for me...
I found the grammar to be more difficult than the listening. But I've gotten used to listening to Japanese over the years, so its my easiest section.
Just gotta practice, practice practice
Originally posted by nata_no
I'll be taking 3kyu, hope that I pass this year, 2nd time.
Esp for listening, I just think that its too fast for me...
I'm sure it would be too fast for me today as well, nato_no. I'd always be a question or two behind the recording. Especially if there are a lot of numbers or other details you had to be taking notes on at the same time....
I guess it would all depend whether you're still in high school or not and whether you're trying to get into college in the US or Japan....:)
A bit off topic, but I just took the J.Test (Test of Practical Japanese) yesterday. It has two levels to try, A-D or E-F. A-D (which I took) covers from 3 kyu to native level. I think 1 kyu ranks in at about 800 points (out of 1000 possible) so as you can guess there are questions on there that you will miss. My test was a bit of a bear as I am at about 2 kyu (650-700 point range). Not very good for your confidence when you can't even guess at 30% of the questions, but it also keeps you form getting too big for your britches.

Good luck JLPT takers!
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