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5 Jan 2003
I gather that some who frquent this board live in Japan. Can those, or any others particularily in the know, tell me what kinds of professions are in need in Japan? I am asking quite a broad question, I know, but any help qould be much appreciated : )
A very needed career in Japan, as you might have figured, is Japanese - English translators. "Now wait, many japanese childeren learn english in school and many persue english tutoring after school as well!" you may be thinking. Japanese often handicaps japanese speakers at a young age, as it has very few possible syllables and sound combinations compared to other languages. With exception to some African languages, it has one of the least broad sound ranges and syllabaries.
This, as you might imagine, makes it very hard for Japanese children and especially adults to learn foreign languages, let alone english. Many Japanese are also givin a somewhat distorted view of english pronunciation by the large amount of commonly used words borrowed from english in the Japanese language. This as well can be a road block for some Japanese english learners.
Bottom line, qualified Japanese - English translators are in high demand in Japan. Hope this helps some. Keeps studying


P.S. don't believe me? Consider the term "Engrish".
Ah, yes. Thank you. To beocme a translator, would I need to pursue a degree in Japanese, or Translation? DO you have any info on such courses? Thanks.
As far as a degree, I would recomend a degree in Dipolmacy and/or linguistics. Most places of employment in the translation department prioritize their applicants by fluency and number of hours of study in Japanese. A general figure to go by for most places is about 900 institutioanlized and recorded hours. Also, Just like nearly every skill and talent in Japanese culture, there is ranking. Taking standardized Japanese proficiency tests is highly recommended. There are many available, but most have to be taken IN Japan. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

P.S. I responded to your query in the Nihongo forum.
P.P.S. Yes, I'm the most "in the know" American teenager you are going to find :)

Ah, a fellow youngun' with as much interest in the east as me. Thanks for the information, very helpful indeed.
Yeah, I only know cause my dad is in the navy and I had to live there when I was little. When your second language is as easy as Japanese to learn, especially at my age, you sort of get hooked on languages in general. At least in my case.

😄 cha cha cha, I like this thing, it's cute.
If you have .0000005ths of a brain you'll find work in your home country and take paid vacations, no offense or anything, just think of it this way, right now your a cheerleader, why would you want to get on the team? Exactly. You won't be living large teaching english or being a translator, trust me, when I was there I met two canadian girls who were signed up for the NOVA program which some but not all colleges offer where you'd teach english, they described how the conditions were terrible, always the same books, always the same thing over and over again and they both had to stay, living in Japan for four more years. Their sponsered apartments were extremely small and their salary seemed to hardly cover anything besides living exspenses, it's not just NOVA too, i've met people in the JET program and i've heard just as bad stories of the conditions of work. So my advice to anyone, invest your time in a good education and/or a job youll enjoy doing, not be a slave in order to get a paycheck and live in a hole. I don't reccomend just as much Navy or the Military, things like that and being an english teacher fronts obligations you must advid by, you cant just go sightseeing like youd want to and plus why would you want to be in Japan for that long? i've been to Japan sooooo many times, each of the times i've felt it was played out after the first two/three weeks, it gets repetative, the same thing over and over again and as much as youd think it's perfect and it's this dreamland that's waiting for you, you'll loose most of interest after several trips, trust me, don't waste 3-5 years off your life because you gave it up to work in japan, you only live once, ask yourself why your going, if it's the girls well then move to southern california and listen to yourself talk next time. Word is bond.

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Hi Josh,

Sorry, I've deleted your attachment. I think there is no need for such self publicity here.

Your opinion about Japan is very radical. I don't know what job you actually do in the US, but I can assure you that even teaching English in a big school Japan (which is the solution if you don't speak Japanese well enough for another job) can be more lucrative than any average job in the US or somewhere else. The minimum salary for foreigners, fixed by law, is 250.000yen/month (about 2200 US$). As you can rent something for as cheap as 50.000yen/month (bills included), you still have 200.000yen for your food and leisure.

What's more, not everybody come to Japan to f*** and I am sure that anybody would get bored in Tokyo after 2 weeks must either be depressive or have serious adaptation problem. BTW, what life-style do you recommend if you were not ready to "waste" your time living in Japan ?
Originally posted by Maciamo
Hi Josh,

Sorry, I've deleted your attachment. I think there is no need for such self publicity here. BTW, what life-style do you recommend if you were not ready to "waste" your time living in Japan ?

I should be able to post a photo of me next to a skateboarding is prohibited sign, that's not self publicity brotha',, and what life-style do I recommend, well obviously I can't open my mouth without you editing everything I say so it dosen't matter.. hahhaa I can't believe you edited out a photo of me and my skateboard, how weak is that, you don't need to be jealous that I got the flys-rite, relax....



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I agree, ghettocities, that there is no happiness in becoming a wage slave, even if you live in the place of your dreams. Your opinions are appreciated
I mean, you can find a great job over there that'd actually pay well and I wasen't trying to put people down at all and I shouldn't really have said anything but sometimes I just go off like someone preaching the bible, I have, in my minds-eye what I feel is correct about the whole working in japan, living in japan deal and like I said, sometimes I just go off on the subject so listen to what everyone else has to say, taking my advice would be like the time i fed 1yen coins to hungry koi in a pond and they all died.


A belated comment

This is a note on a comment GhettoSmartass made a while back. Please don't make fun of the japanese advisors. Some countries use periods in place of where Americans use commas in spacing their numbers. In Japan, I have seem both, and since Japan has denomonate units for numbers like 10,000 and up, it in most cases makes the purpose for having commas or periods rather useless anyhow. So chill jackass, this forum isn't America-ville, in case you haven't noticed.

🙂 (To respect the foolish, in a most condescending Japanese fashion)
Now! Now! if there's nothing pleasant to say!! "say nothing", I'm sure that we all have an opinion on salary and a way of life that is either acceptable or intolerable to us all, this is where we post,
@payable rates<
@life style
@expenditure etc., etc.,
Please refrain from making these topics personal and insulting<<<

@ going off at times, this is a human reaction to something we don't personally like, as an adult we keep it a topic and not an attack!!!!
@ Koi, sad, sad somebody needs a job! fish keeper etc.. lolol
@skate boarding, Well I'm sure its a great pass time, but let's face it (I have 6 brother's) they all grew out of it by the time they reached 12-13 years old, but every-one to there own🙂:
now that we are all friends and understand each other
be kind an honourable, 🙂:
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