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Problem with vBulletin board

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I have a problem with my vBulletin board. When I use Japanese in vBulletin,
a particular bit of KANA or KANJI character such as (a) and (ku) are displayed
as small bullet. I can't think of any reason why characters get garbled.
When I looked into this ploblem, I found your site had experienced same matter.
And now this problem seems to be solved. How did you handle it?
Help me out please!

FYI: System environment
Apache 1.3.27
PHP 4.3.2 (enable mbstring)
MySQL 4.0.13
Thanx for your reply. I checked your link for vbulletin.com
Characters that have a code "7B" (123 as dec) at the second byte were mainly discussed there.
But on my system environment those chars are displayed properly as it is.
I also checked vbulletin.org and tested the fix.
However it makes no changes. My vb consistently shows that bullet.
I think this problem is caused by characters that have a code "A0" and "AD" not "7B" in my case.
I don't know enough about this matter to go much further than that.
What am I going to do? Let me know please.
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