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Problem with MoonChild...


2 Nov 2003
I dun no if this is the right place to post this, but anyway...
I recently got moonchild, but it has no subtitles. so I searched for them, and luckily I found some in .srt....
but my moonchild .avi file will only play in the divx player, not in other players, that means I can't use any other program to add the subtitles...
Does anybody else got this .avi file and also had problems with it, but solved it? plz..
Ah, i've been looking for those subtitles. Where did you get them?

.srt files are usually distributed together with the movie itself. Isn't the movie playable with Media-player? If you have the proper codecs you should be able to play it in any player. Try downloading the latest version of Nimopack and you should be set.

You could also buy the original DVD, which also includes the original subtitles.

I'm gonna move this thread into the more apropriate Geek corner.
.avi files will play in windows media player and in vlc, though the only thing ive gotten to play both the subtitles and video was bs player.
yea, what you all said is right, i have all the codecs, but the file is a little bit broken, i really can only watch it with divx player, in all other players, like bsplayer or divx subtitles player the picture will stop after 5 sec. and only the sound and the subtitles will go on..... I d/l the file with bittorrent......

the subtitles can be d/l here. just save the MoonChild.srt file. ^^
and u can watch the file without problems?
I think I shoul try d/l it from emule.... do u have an ed2k link?
...you can search within emule. i personally dont like that program though, it just takes forever to get something. sometimes im on queue for 12 hours while people only wait 12 seconds to get something from me. not that im agaisnt sharing but uploading 10 times what i download is a bit ridiculous.
i have the same problem with emule, more than that, my ID is always low..... but as u can see, the bittorrent file from moonchild was damaged...... I found moonchild the dvd rips, but i got no sources.....
when i search within emule, do i have to be connected to a special server? (<<I dun really know this program, thats y...)
if you want alot more anime links put "[ARC]" after your name, without the quotation marks. and connect to animereactor server #3. gimme a sec to look up the servername. you prolly have a low id becuase you are firewalled.
I'm not gonna post that edonkey link. It's against forum-policy. You'll find it easy enough with one search.

I've noticed now that there's also another DVD-rip circulating in XviD, which is split into two files. Not sure if the subtitles will work with that one though.
thank u all for ur advices 👏
if it dun work know, I can't help it.... anyways, thx guys *gg*
I'm reviving thid old thread in hopes someone could point me to another link with "MoonChild" subs - the one above no longer works窶ヲ
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