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Problem with IME 2002, IME Pad (Language bar)


29 Aug 2003
I posted this in the keyboard thread, but im afraid no one will see it so i am copying it here. Sorry for the duplication.

However, I have a problem. Hopefully someone can help. I am using XP Home, and am succesfully using the IME "phonetic" input. The 1st problem i have is that it onl works in notepad and Word. If I want to use the Japanese text in Wordpad or Indesign (the end goal at the moment), I need to enter in Notepad and then copy and paste where I really want it. No big deal for my purposes, but it would be nice to use it directly in Indesign (adobe). I have a feeling that it's just that all I have on my system that is compatible is Notepad/Word..

The bigger problem right now is that I cannot get the IME pad to appear. I beleive that is what i need to use the virtual keyboards, handwriting, etc. When I click the "IME Pad" icon on the Language Bar, it looks as if it depresses but it never does anything. I have tried making sure that I had the focus on the Notepad application before clicking on the Language bar but that doesn't help. Made sure it was in Japanese mode as well. The IME help has no mention of the IME pad. It does mention the keyboard though... Says that I need to click on the "handwriting icon" (little hand with a pencil icon). This icon i cannot find at all; not in the left click menus for the language bar icons or anywhere.

Thanks in advance,
I found the fix

Got an answer from someone on Microsoft Technet Newsgroups (Xp Pro, General):

"Sounds like you installed a downloaded version of the Japanese IME?
The XP CD contains the proper Asian IMEs and should be used instead.

In any event, go to this web site:

Installing East Asian IME on English Windows.

So i uninstalled "East Asian Languages", reinstalled from the XP CD and added back the IME. Tada!!

Moral of the story is install off of the XP cd even if XP offers to get the language stuff off of the internet. At least if your using Windows XP Home or Pro and NOT using Office XP (there is another IME for that).

no, thanks ^! i was wondering how to do that myself one of these days... thanks for the info!
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