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Problem with DDRmax2


7 Dec 2003
Has anyone had a problem with DDR max2? I'm having this weird problem with mine.Lets me explain, Break Down is one of my favorite songs and I have been practicing for a long time. Yester day I just got a AA on standard mode. At the end of the song the screen came up AA all perfects and greats. But then when it went back out to the menue break down would still be listed as A with the old score. It's just this song that has this problem (well so far) I have AA a few other songs and it worked fine. Does anyone know if this is a defect or something? Is it the memory card or the game?
at least I'm not the only one XD I wonder whats wrong with it. I think I;m going to complain to the company-_- I wish it would just work.
I know it is frustrating XD One of my friends doesn't believe I can pass it with AA because It won't save, so I have to have them over to prove I can.
Same here. I guess they made a bug somewhere in it. Ah well, it's not like it formats your memory card-type glitch..*cowers at the thought*
I would hate to loose all my game infomation. That happened a couple times with DDRmax. The data would sometimes show up corrupted and I would have to start all over agin. I figured this happened alot on auto save. So I turned auto save off and its been fine. I wish I could find the problem with DDRmax2, its so frustrating -_-
Is it? Really? Is there such a problem? I have never come across this problem before. Anyway, to get AA for Break Down Heavy mode is not too difficult. Good luck!
I haven't tried break down in heavy mode yet. I can only do several songs in heavy. I will try it, but I don't know if I'll be able to get a AA ^-^
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