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Problem when posting a pm


30 Mar 2003
I can't get the smilies to work on the pm (personal message) form. It seems to be a Javascript problem. Since I don't have a JS debugger here and can't locate exactly where is the error (just skimmed through the source code), could you fix it for us?

Originally posted by Twisted
Works fine for me.
What are your system specs?

Really? did you try to post a pm using the smilies box on the left?

Anyway, my specs:

AMD XP 2400+
512MB DDR3200
Windows XP Professional SP1
Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633

If you need the rest of the specs just tell me.
Ah, i think i know what you mean. The codes of the smilies don't get copied into your message.

This problem surfaced after we did an upgrade of the forum. Our main admin Thomas should be able to fix this, but he's currently rather busy, so i don't think it has much priority.

For now the best way around this, is to place the codes manually.
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