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Probably been asked before (Hiroshima)


6 Jul 2002
Hi = 'he'
ro = 'low' / 'row'
shi = 'she'
ma - 'ma'

In geography class a while back someone pronounced it syllable by syllabe like that (as I also do) and the teacher said it was actually pronounce 'ha-rosh-a-ma'. I didn't say anything, but how does that make sense, it sounds nothing like the letters used to spell it.

Is it just a proper English way to say it, or am I missing something? I've always said it the first way, never the second way (which is also much faster and worse sounding)
Depending on how and where you come from, you learn different speach paterns. Some place different emphasis on different sylables.
um, StorDuff you're correct with the pronunciation. herow-shema is the normaly split due to the kanji formation of the name probably.
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