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Private superannuation for Kiwi /Australian expats help


12 Dec 2012
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[We'll the governments of both countries I call home make it so hard to plan for a retirement in a global economy to the point that I'm stumped as to what to do next. My fund in Australia, is up transferable to NZ and the life insurance through that fund was cancelled and the 5 years of premiums, the period that I have been in Japan we're returned to mu fund. Non residents can't have life insurance through their super fund. I can still contribute to my fund in Australia but won't get any tax benefits. Just want to know what others do. I'm here for the long term japan and nz have no agreement I'm not able to pay into the Japanese fund because I don't have 25 years to pay into it nor do I want to trust my savings to a government with the demographic mess that awaits Japan. Any ideas or please if you know of some good personal schemes here or abroad.
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