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Pricing in Japan...


12 Mar 2003
How much does a decent digital camera or digital viedo camera cost in Japan?

How about mobile phones?

Thank you.
i priced some camcorders at tokyo hands and parco, etc. -- like sears imo
akiba would be a different story though -- i think i saw a nice panasonic dv cam around 29900 yen?

edit: good link -- i found this?
blade said:
I'm wondering about the exact same thing. Is there any web sites that might have this info?

I have yet to locate a site, in Japanese or English, that prices mobile phones; I'm just spoiled, I think, of the luxury of comparative shopping back in the States. :) I'd really like to pick up a F900i (or if NTT DoCoMo announces a release date soon, the F900iT), but it, esp. the iT model, is going to cost both arms and legs, I think. 😲
I've found all of Cannon's stuff cheaper in the US!

I don't think you'll get many great deals, but go check out Akihabara in Tokyo and Den Den town in Osaka. Those are good places to find random strange bargins.

I recently bought a Powershot A300 for about 17,500 yen.
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