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15 Apr 2002
Ok, here's a branch off Deb's Geisha thread.

The on-going joke is that many of us are claiming that our previos life was spent as a Japanese.

For me I have slightly different memories.

- I have some kind of feeling of medieval Europe.
- Very strong feelings of being a cowboy, specificly a gun slinger. Something about quick draws have attracted me since college. Lol, no clue why but the image is really strong and the movements seem like 2nd nature.
- I feel an affinity towards mountains and water especially with a Japanese twist. I don't feel any farmer feelings but more of a court like life.

hmmm ... I wonder
I have always been attracted by mountains and deserts. I must have been a bedouin in one of my former lives.
lol, you guys are getting worse lol🙂
right here's mine, (hehe) I think in a previous life I was maybe ahead matron in a hospital in Victorian times, or possibly ahead housekeeper in a large stately home from the same era, I have this built-in status of authority, and I know that my way is the right way(hehe) at times this stems out from my home into the street. When a child is hurt or has had a nasty fall, I'm the nurse of the street, all the kids come to my home for a band-aid and the cleaning of wounds etc., its also in my nature to take over a situation, and if a child is in a hard to reach position(trapped), I'll be the one to go that step further and retrieve the child,(while giving orders to onlookers on how to assist me). I recently appeared in a local newspaper as a "hero" lol that was so funny, a lady and two children had fallen asleep while a chip pan was on her cooker, and it eventually burst into flames, and her kitchen was on fire. I sent the family into my sister's home, went into her house, turned off the electricity supply, and went around her entire home looking for an older son. She told me she had(age7) found a dog but no son. He had gone out to play and turned up in the street as the fire brigade arrived. To me, it was instinct and not bravery, so this built-in authority I have and my nurturing instincts must have come from somewhere, :) Maybe a geisha boss lady, but I'd need to find out more on that!
My mind is completely blank.
Either i was a drug addict or a heavy drinker in a previous life... :)
@ update
Hmmm, the more I thought of it. The more I think it wasn't court life but rather shinto shrine. Which could explain my constent [tamatteru-ness] (tamattteru = guys who haven't got any in a while). Trying to catch up 2 lives here ;) More seriously though. This whole Shinto thing is just too easy for me. Sometimes, I run the zen think around a bit and just laugh at the whole foolishness of their searching. hmmm ... I should look into formal trainging.

@ twisted
I laughed out loud :D

@ Debs
"but i'd need to find out more on that!" .... hmmm ... who are you gonna call? The Ghost Busters?

@ how do you find out?
Japan has a strong belief in [shi-go-rei] or Guardian Angles. TV shows have said that if you relax and think warmly and kindly of all the people around you, you'll come across that special person who watches over you. But at times it could be an ancestor that you haven't personally met either.

While driving I do lot's of wool gathering and just let my mind wander and at times certain feelings are pretty strong.
I think my guardian angel was my grandfather ... hmmm ... possibly might have changed since I moved to Japan. Not sure.
Sadly I have really never spent any time looking for my guardian angel, but I'm sure someday they will let me know that they are there!
I think I must have been a nun in third world country, coz I'm always thinking about what other people in that part of the world are eating, or if they have shelters and medication...On second thought, I could also be a kept woman. You know? Living comfortably, but never contended...wandering eyes, constantly smiling and flirting....
What about your next life???

I worry more about my next life! Bet it will be real hell for all the sins I've committed in this life!!
past life...


I was a wolf in my past life. Any animal that is injured or making strange noises attracks me in a strange way. I sometimes find myself watching people or animals and am totally intrigued with the thought of "pursuing" them just to see if they will show fear or some emotion when I "hunt" them or continue to strae at them without speaking, smiling or even blinking. I can not stand anything around my neck. I can not even wear high collar shirts. I am always warm and when I hear the wild dogs and coyotes in the desert late at night, I have an urge to howl along with them. I find myself wanting to "run free" like I could pack my truck and live in the mountains or desert and need humans at all. Strange?
Re: What about your next life???

Originally posted by Frank D. White
I worry more about my next life! Bet it will be real hell for all the sins I've committed in this life!!

Man, I don't even want a next life. Seriously, this world is way too complicated for me. I'd better go somewhere else.....😊
Back in the late '70s, I used to get together with a group of people in Denver, Colorado to do past-life explorations. It is very easy to tell the difference if I am viewing my own past life or someone else's. The energy is clearly quite different. But I should point out that I believe that all of my so-called "past" lives and even "future" lives are really manifesting from the same consciousness and occurring all at the same time. According to quantum physics, time is not linear and everything is happening at the same time. However, for purposes of explaining karmic patterns, I view these things in linear terms.

Anyone can remember their past lives if they want to develop this ability. Just like anyone can remember their past in this life if they really want to work on it. When I first started to explore past lives, I did it mainly out of curiousity. Later, and to this day, I use it to follow karmic threads of cause and effect. Once I see effects, I follow the energy back to the cause. Sometimes the cause is only in this life, but at other times it goes much further back into one or more past lives. Exploring past lives for this purpose can be so very helpful.

Some lifetime memories surface when I'm not even looking for them, as they will often pertain to an area I may be working on in my life at that time. For example, one lifetime memory surfaced about 10 years ago when I was dealing with the issue of feeling happy and comfortable in the world. I was a 22-year-old woman in that particular lifetime, and I'm not sure of the country I lived in, but it was in the days of "Robinhood" type of men--at least, that's how they were dressed. I had the most loving parents imaginable and what appeared to be an extremely happy life. We didn't have much money, but we had so much love that more than made up for it. One day I was walking through a meadow, holding and smelling a flower, and just feeling that life was so wonderful and worth living. When all of a sudden, three men on horseback came riding up beside me, jumped off their horses, and basically raped and killed me. I remember looking down at my body out of shock and thinking, "They just robbed me of my life!" So whenever I started to feel very happy in this life, that memory would start to surface to challenge the fears I carried with me about bad things happening when everything is going great. However, once I examined that life and faced it fully, with awareness, I no longer needed to be reminded of the experience.

There was a lifetime I experienced in the 1750s in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I was a female in that lifetime and very controlling, I'm afraid. I flirted terribly when I was single. Later when I was married, with two or three children, I remember living in a very nice home with very expensive furnishings. I guess my husband was very well off. But most of all, I remember feeling so lonely in that lifetime. And everytime I would seek affection from my husband or children, the further they would run from me! What I was really missing in my life was my connection with myself. I was looking for love on an external level instead of recognizing it within me.

Another lifetime was when I died on the Titanic. I have a very clear picture of walking up the gang plank to the ship and looking over at my best friend, waving good-bye. There were crowds of people and excitement was in the air. I was a 27-year-old woman with dark hair in the style of the flapper era. There was a much older man I was with, so I may have been a prostitute in that life. I doubt I would have been able to afford a trip like that on my own. I remember when the ship sank. I was viewing the situation from up above, meaning I had already left my body, but didn't quite understand why I wasn't viewing my body floating in the water. Many years later when the movie "Titanic" came out and it showed people being trapped inside the ship, I realized that that must have been the reason I felt my body was still in the part of the ship that was under water. I will never forget the consciousness of that experience, though. The sense of a shocking doom that just hung in the air that night. I could feel everyone else's consciousness who had died as well as my own.

Following that lifetime, I experienced a lifetime in Chicago as a male. I think I was either a gangster or a cop, I'm not sure which. Probably a gangster. I need to explore it some more. But I do know that I was left-handed because I carried my gun holster strapped to my right side. I don't think I treated women very well in that life either. I think I saw them as mere objects to use. Everything was about external control. And I remember thinking when I first viewed this particular lifetime that I wasn't too smart, because I seemed to be living life on the edge and taking many risks. The last risk I took ended my life, in fact. I have a very clear memory of waiting at night down by the docks. I was standing outside of my car, waiting for my friend Michael to show up. But instead, Al Capone and three of his men showed up to tell me that Michael wouldn't be coming because they had already gotten to him and killed him. And then I remember this intense fear rising up within me, knowing I was about to die within seconds. Capone was very calm about it; of course, he obviously had the power. But he explained to me that I shouldn't have done it (I think we tried to set him up or turn him in or something--that's why I'm not sure if I was a cop), because it would now cost me my life. He was very matter-of-fact about it. Then, as soon as he was finished talking, he leaned back in his seat, and at the exact synchronized moment, the two men in the front seat and the man sitting next to Capone leaned forward with their guns and started shooting. I just remember a blaze of gunfire and I was dead.

My sister, brother-in-law, and his sister were all in that lifetime as well. My brother-in-law's sister remembers sitting in a bar having a drink and then having to run out the back when a big black car full of gangsters rolled up outside. My brother-in-law broke his neck in this lifetime when he was one month shy of his 25th birthday. And my sister told me that while he was in the hospital and delirious, he kept mentioning the name Al Capone and talking about World War II and being shot down and spending time in a veteran's hospital. What's also interesting is that we all met back in the very early '70s in Hot Springs, Arkansas, which was a known gangster retreat for the Chicago mob. A friend of mine once did an aura reading for him to look at the cause of his current circumstances, and she said that where he died in that previous lifetime, a part of his body was basically killed off in this lifetime. The lesson is that even though his body is limited, HE is not limited.

Last June one of my cats died, and I was just devastated by it. I felt such a unique affinity with that cat, it was hard to explain. Whenever I would go out of town, I would worry about him and couldn't wait to get home to see him. I had him 11 years. He had been taking prednisone for several years due to allergies, and a few months before he died, my vet and I started to taper his medication. So naturally when he died, we were both shocked and filled with guilt. I decided to explore the guilt and see where it led, and I was quite surprised by what I found. I viewed a lifetime that I shared with my cat in the past where we were both men. At first I thought we were best friends, but then I realized we were brothers. He was the youngest but yet the most dynamic and, therefore, always the leader. I'm not sure of the year or the country, but it was during the times where people fought with bows and arrows. Well, somehow he died in that life, and because I was the older brother, I was held responsible, even though I didn't cause his death. I remember at first trying to stand firm in my conviction that I wasn't responsible, but most of the towns people blamed me and I eventually caved and bought into the guilt. As a result, I would fight in battles, not because of any cause but just to fight. Masochistic type of thing. Then I explored another past life involving him and guilt, and it turned out to be the Chicago lifetime I just spoke of earlier. It turned out my cat was my friend Michael in that lifetime. When I first viewed that lifetime back in the '70s, I hadn't met him yet (he wasn't born until 1992) so I had no idea who Michael was. But as soon as I realized he was Michael, I understood the guilt a little better. In that lifetime, I had obviously felt guilty for the fact that he lost his life. And he always seemed to die before me in each lifetime. My vet felt so guilty for not catching what was wrong with my cat that she offered to arrange for an autopsy. It turned out that he died from a rupture of a massive pituitary tumor that was cancerous as well.

I also remember a couple of lifetimes living in Egypt. Again, not sure of the dates. One lifetimes was as a woman, and I think I was part of some type of harem or something. I was some man's property, along with lots of other women. And I remember I was in love with someone else and had to sneak away to meet him. In the other Egyptian lifetime, I was an important male, but I'm not sure what I did exactly. I just remember being very protective of all of my possessions--and I had a lot of them. I was very wealthy. I was so concerned with protecting my possessions that I left myself vulnerable to losing my most prized possesssion--my very life. I was stabbed to death by one of my advisors or assistants, who later turned out to be a boyfriend of mine in this life. It was weird, too, because I was even buried with all of my possessions. But a lot of good it did me then. So it was a good lesson about not getting attached to material things, as well as learning to value life above all.

I also spent a lifetime as a queen, but I'm not sure of the country. It was very long ago, and for some strange reason I get the sense the name should start with an "L," yet I am unaware of any country that would begin with an "L." I just remember looking out of the castle a lot and feeling so confined. I was very beautiful in that lifetime, and I loved my clothes! But I didn't love my husband, as it was an arranged marriage. In fact, I wasn't faithful either. I had an affair with some other man, and I would meet him on horseback whenever I could. I also remember feeling so responsible in that lifetime and duty-bound, and I was always having to sign things. And I think I carried some guilt forward about being responsible for others' welfare, because I had to make decisions that oftentimes affected so many people.

I spent a lifetime in England around 1866 as a barrister, and my mother in this life was my wife in that lifetime. No wonder I always felt responsible for her, and it's no wonder I was interested in the law in this lifetime.

I remember a lifetime in France in the 1500s. I was a female, not sure of the age, but I was an interior designer, and maybe even fashion designer as well. Some of those skills come through in this lifetime.

I have memories of several lifetimes in China, but so far I haven't explored any in Japan. I'll have to do that here soon. One of the lifetimes that our group explored back in the late '70s was a China lifetime. Most of the people in our group were either from my Tai Chi class or some yoga class. I was married to a very wealthy man in that lifetime, but once I had children (two, I believe) and my figure wasn't "perfect" anymore, I was resigned to the role of wife and mother, while my husband had two or three young, beautiful concubines living in our house with us. Many members of our group were the cooks, gardeners, etc. My husband went off to war and evidently died on the battlefield. And since wives couldn't own property in China in those days, all of his property was turned over to the government, so we all had to move out immediately. I remember living in a very tiny apartment in a village, and I eventually starved to death. My children had to fend for themselves by stealing whatever they could to survive. It was a very depressing lifetime.

I've spent many, many lifetimes as priests, monks, nuns, etc., and I have to say, out of all of my lifetime experiences, those were my most enjoyable. Not that I didn't experience hard times or anything, it's just that everything is easier when you have spirituality and awareness in life, and that was the key.

I also have memories of a lifetime traveling through space. I have a distinct memory of being on a ship and looking out at space, only it wasn't black but varying shades of blue--indigo blue, royal blue, midnight blue. And for some reason I could tell when we were looking at a different universe by the difference in shadings. I have no idea what that means, though.

I could go on and on, but this is too long as it is, so I will stop here. By the way, I often communicate with my guardian angel(s). They have been a big help to me in this life. I have also communicated with those who have died as well. The nice part about that is I'm never out of touch with those I love.


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