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14 Mar 2002
If you're too shy to show us what you look like, here's a nice gadget to give us an idea. My Virtual Model allows you to create a 3D-image of yourself.

Below you'll find mine. Well, a bit idealized... [cough, cough] :)


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I suppose it's the hairline that does it here. The rest is not really matching that much.
I like the choice in underwear though...

Let's try that again with a proper attachement...


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Apart from the facial features generally it comes close to reality. As for my image: really looks like me... and 30 million other Japanese females. :)
Hehe, I should have shown my pot-belly in profile.
I look like Vladimir Ilich Lenin...except when i let my hair grow (it grows very very fast), then i look like Alfred Nobel. It's a dynamite look (he he he ).
hmmm ... seems like the board is populated with lot's of blue eyed blond hair guys ... cough cough.

Actually, at one time I really looked like Julian Sands when we both had long hair ;)

Some of my students have mentioned Brad Pitt ... but sadly only a slight resemblance exists.

hmmm another celebrity would be Ethan Hawk ... but lolo coloring is quite different
bummer tried to make an image of my wife but the picture ended up looking like Nahoko :p

hmmm ... no hi-tech goat-T's :rolleyes:

also, face structures are a bit limited ... oh well.

the picture ... hmmm ... not bad but I don't have curly hair ... but this is the closest hairline I found.


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Hey, this really turns out to be a gallery of clones. Hello Dolly.... :D
Well I must say that you all look lovely.lol.

Nahoko, do you realy have such a georgous figure?
I would'nt dare give a 3D model of myself with you looking like that,haha, I'v noticed that the men are'nt to shy, lol, I'm going to go and check whats what at this 3D image thing lol.
ahh Debs have a stab. It's pretty interesting.

They do have a close-up version. And you can also cloth your image.
Originally posted by moyashi
They do have a close-up version. And you can also cloth your image.
Oh, we haven't seen that, otherwise we wouldn't have dared to expose ourselves in public. :D

Originally posted by deborah
Nahoko, do you realy have such a georgous figure?
Answering on her behalf before she notices my reply: I wish she'd gain some weight. 😄
if you're windows, I believe it's left click or something like that.
if Mac control click

you just need to grab the image from the screen.
There's a field in the reply box that allows you to upload images directly from your local drive. Look for 'Attach File'.
Thanks for your help, I'l give it ago now,lol

I'l have to try later' can't get it to take the image,
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did you receive my PM? Contact me if you continue to face difficulties. Now we are really getting curious...

(I know I shouldn't use these new smilies too often lol)
Yes still having a problem getting on the image, and don't you know that its part of my plan to make you all curious,haha,lol.

Got your PM thomas and I still cant get past the model when its finished, maybe i have to put it somewhere? on a file, or where I dont know,lol maybe the best thing to do is give up and let you all have peace,lol:)

Aso, Moyashi was again faster than me, hehe...

After you have created your model just move your mouse over the image and right-click. A small window with a couple of options will open, one of which says "Save as..". Save it on your puter, then you can upload it from there.

Yeh yeh 😄
hmmm time for real pictures? I've been avoiding trudgin out my scanner (OSX doesn't support it I think and need to drop down into an older OS ... OS 9 :(
You mean you believe we are looking different from our "models"??

In fact, we display real pictures on our About Us page.
I'll have to get my sisters help on the image saving part of this task;)

I really dont know what I'm doing when it comes to saving and uploading ect::confused:

I'll get back to this soon,lol.
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