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prediction 2004


5 Sep 2003
for those who like omen not ramen stuff, here are some from occultic sites, jpn though, for the year of 2004...
1. due to abnormal weather causes a bad crop, price index will be steep high for rice, vegs, meats...
....so far, it was very warm for jan-feb...
2. for the 1st half of the year, theres high probabilities of jolts/eruptions/accidents in northern part, possibly at seikan tunnel....
3. north korea will launch a missile this year, not 2003, 2005,... the target: tokyo....
they warned 3 times about a large earthquake and mt fuji erupting while i was in japan last year... nothing new.

The abnormal weather causes a bad crop, so of course the price of things will go up. BSE isnt helping very much
bah, cheap korean firework can't hurt tokyo!

tokyo will just send up their Gundams and Evas!

bleeeeeh.. ^_^ but seriously, after hiroshima and nagasaki experience i think japan is prepared to handle a missile before it hits...
Aegis anti missile cruisers and soon to have patriot land based missile launchers. They make quite a deal about them cause its what would save them if the worst happened
North Korea has no reason to launch a missile at Japan, nor does Japan have a logical reason for a missile defense shield - having one is actually destabilizing to the region.

Dictators tend to want to stay in power. One missle from NK and suddenly you give a war-happy US the international support to "democratize" NK. Who would defend NK in a launch situation? NK's position would be so morally indefensible that even big brother China would stay out of it.

Japan having a missle defense shield, just as if the US builds one, only sparks the construction of more missiles to try and saturate that shield if the need ever arose, and making larger warheads for the ones that make it through. Nor does it make sense for Japan to arm itself with WMD. The country is so small, unless it launched a first strike there is no point. Having a first strike capability woud only make NK more agitated and things even worse off that building a missile shield.

I seriously doubt NK will ever launch a missle strike. Like any other good SE Asian nation, they just want their own piece of the pie. As nuts as Kim is, it'll never happen. (I hope.)

Funny thing; I was on my way home last night and I told my taxi driver about the prediction for a big earthquake. He laughed and told me the will be a big TERROR attack before the earthquake. (I've heard Japanese use the word TERROR in katakana English for terrorism.)

Those bombings in Europe have everybody scared now.
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