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Practicing spoken Japanese


May 20, 2014
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Hi, I've been studying Japanese for a few months and I'm now at the point where I feel I can have short basic conversations (what I did yesterday, my plans for today, etc) but have nobody to practice with. I live in a small town in northern Spain and we don't have any Japanese schools or teachers around here, so I was wondering if any of you know websites where I can exchange conversation time, for example, an hour of English or Spanish with me (I'm a bilingual English teacher) in exchange for an hour of Japanese with a native Japanese person. I've looked up a couple of them (Oh My Japan and My Language Exchange), but they don't seem to work very well (the first one only allows you to contact two people every week, and for now mine haven't even answered, and the other doesn't even let you send messages to them, you have to wait for other registered and paying people to send them to you), so I'm interested in one that is free and actually works.