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29 Oct 2002
Opss... I just saw some minutes ago the admin message about having to present myself here. 🙂

Anyway, I'm a 26 years old portuguese web dude from Lisbon who deals a lot with graphic design applied to web and software and so on...

I also like to hang out with friends, going to the cinema, reading, eating out and.... meet new cultures. :D

My native tongue is portuguese, I speak english and a bit of french and spanish. Someday I might learn japanese too. :)

Well... hello...
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Hi lineartube, welcome to the forum! :)

Hehe, we are just suggesting that new members briefly introduce themselves, there's no obligation whatsoever.

I like your website. 👍
Nice site Luis.

I thought XMB disappeared since phpBB and invisionboard have been so popular recently.
Thanks guys.

moyashi: Actually I'm considering moving away from XMB since I don't like the way it is going.. I'm experimenting with PHPBB but I'm not quite sold yet, since I wanted something simpler, like altsense.net forum but I don't want a PERL solution. The ideal way would be to create a forum from scratch but I'm not a hard-core programmer. :)
Ooaahh... this didn't started well. 6 hours after registering here I got a 30 days notice. :(

Their explanation was quite funny since basically it can be summarized to "we have enough templates for creating new applications so we will only need to change logos in them".
Anyway there was more logical points like it is (was) a software company and they hadn't much need for a GUI /web designer and despite they do make websites at the first chance they get, it wasn't on their market focus.

They are going to give me everything I am entitled by law and they will keep me as a outside contractor for web design gigs and it will be in accord with their new company policy that is to insource know-how.

Is it just me or despite the outsourcing manpower allowing some flexibility in projects it does make them more expensive? Well, It isn't my worry since yesterday's 6pm.

Gotta get my cv/portfolio/website ready....
Sorry to hear about that Luis.

@ Twisted
hmmm, that's an interesting site. I'm gonna have to see if I can find a better job, like the one that pays oodles of money.
Thanks guys. I wasn't planning on leaving my country but I'm keeping my options open for now. I wouldn't mind the adventure... or the challenge :)
Hi Lineartube🙂 and a late welcome to the forum from me too🙂 sorry to hear about your position at work🙂 🙂
Part time eikaiwa pay is worse in Tokyo than in Sapporo! But then again getting a job is much more difficult.
Thanks guys. After I reviewed it, my situation looks better than I tought since I might be able to make a life out of freelancing. I still have toughts that it might be too soon to go off has a "free spirit" but If I can, I will. I would have more time for me, and I finally would afford to get some certifications that my previous s.o.bs bosses never got around to get me, despite being on the contract.

But that makes me think: How is the IT/Internet business in Japan?

Here in Portugal I'm getting a lot of mixed signals, since altough there is a lot of work going around, the companies don't look like their are hiring so I'm guessing that they are using old tricks like unpaid long hours and using temps and a more recent fad: outsourcing.
Just as a curiosity, the translation to portuguese of the phrase "ja mata" is "it kills"

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