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Police Station bands


13 Aug 2003
My saxophone tutor told me that he spent a while in Japan playing in a band there (long story); but the point is, he told me that, when we went there like 40 years ago, there were bands for every police station, fire station, etc. that you could join.
1st, is that true still? 2nd, how do you join? I'm not gonna be going there any time soon, but if I ever do and I want to get a job, I'd consider that if they'd let me join.
I've heard of police bands in various countries (Scotland, NZ, Japan, the US) that play for festivals, competitions, etc; although it's most likely not for every station and could be comprised of fire, police, emergency services, civilian members. Not sure if this is what you're getting at or not.
Glad to help. Just look for (窶堋ッ窶堋「窶堋ウ窶堙つ)ナ遅ナス@ニ弛ニ停?愴檀ツ when you get to that point.....
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