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Police Harassment

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In imagination land
2 Feb 2007
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No, I stopped taking them seriously a few days ago. Im certainly not going to read all of your latest offereing. If you keep it short and to the point I may read it. Just for future reference.
I dont really care what you do or say just if you are a foreigner, dont just hand over your I.D. like a pityful, docile lackey but know your rights. Unless you are suspect in a crime, the police cant legally demand to see your I.D. So make sure you ask "why" if the police ever pull you up for a random check. If they say anything to the end; "because you are a foreigner" dont show them as they can only ask and you hae the right to refuse.
If they are smarter than the average policeman and say you are a suspect, you have to show them I.D. but, before that you have the right to demand to see their I.D. Do that and inspect it closely and as publicly can. It will destroy their little power trip.

Of course you are not going to read them because they prove you wrong, and I actually suspect you have read them, and now are pretty much just trolling. So I think it is time I stopped feeding you.
And well in reality I am done with you now anyway. The evidence has been laid out and you have clearly been beaten to a pulp, and the people to come to this thread wanting to know some real answers will see that. There is great phrase in Japanese that you should learn because it suits you perfectly considering you have proven yourself incapable of response in a rational cohesive way.ツ 窶堋ョ窶堋、窶堙娯?ーツケ窶堙?ツ出窶堙遺?堋「ツ pretty much sums up you during this entire thread.

Oh, let me know how the food is in jail here by the way, I'm curious to know what I will be missing out on.🙂


19 Feb 2008
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I think this has gone on long enough. The thread is locked until further notice.

If any of you have anything that you believe HAS TO be added to this tread, please contact one of the admins. OK? OK.

One advice. If you feel like you are repeating the same thing over and over, that means the other person cannot not / chooses not to see your point for whatever reason, and it is time for you to move on.
Not open for further replies.
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