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Please Transcribe Perfume Company/Brand Name


27 Apr 2017
Hello everyone!
I hope someone can help me to transcribe the brand/company name on this perfume bottle label.
Thanks a lot in advance!!
Greetings from Spain!
The company name is Chifure, as you can see by comparing the logo on the top of your label to the company logo on Chifure's website: トップページ | ちふれ化粧品

Do you need to know the specific product?

Determining the product name is harder. Words on the label such as オーデコロン (eau de cologne) and ブーケ (bouquet) are generic, and could apply to many products. The R-100 is a bigger clue. Is your bottle quite old? One page on the company website mentions the R-100 series being sold in 1974. (http://www.chifure.co.jp/news/imd6il0000001bz0-att/20140625_1.pdf)

Is there another label on the bottle?
Thanks a lot for your help! :emoji_thumbsup:
This is all I needed to know about the item.
I am very grateful for the extra informations you gave me!!
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