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Please tell me what you think about all my designs.


15 Aug 2006
Dear all,

In the past two years I became a Japan fan. It happened that I worked with wonderful Japanese people, who inculcated in me a love to everything that is Japanese. I've joined ikebana classes and going to study Japanese in the future. I also did some designs, which I hope look Japanese, I mean look like a Japanese would do them. Please tell me what you think about all my designs.

Thank you.

I would be glad to hear your comments about :

Gifts - CafePress
Japan Flag T Shirts : Japan Flag T Shirts
Gifts - CafePress
Gifts - CafePress
Gifts - CafePress
As a professional designer, the only one I found mildly interesting was the first one, but not enough to pay for. To be honest, I would not have guessed a Japanese person made any of them. If you want some examples of good design by Japanese designers, I recommend Taschen's "Japanese Graphics Now."
The sakura one is okay.(Light pink is my fav color.) but others don't look too cool to me. However, if we saw a non-Japanese person wearing one of those T-shirts, me and all my female friends would chuckle or giggle uncontrollably and say "kawaiiiiiiiii!!!" in chorus.😍 :giggle:
I think they are alright. I particularly like the Mt Fuji design and if I were to buy any items it would probably be the coffee cups. Also, the shirts would make great gifts to those with an interest in Japan.

I'm really loving the Sakura design! I'm such a girlie-girl so pink is really my thing. Cho kakkoi!
Thank you all

Hello I'm Back online! Sorry for not responding for a long time, I've been busy doing my new shop and new designs... and my new born baby has been born on September 4:D . So I was really busy.
Thank you everyone for your responds. I really grate full for good words and criticism, it made me think over what I'm doing...👍
I've made a new shop as I said before and uploaded new designs there. Please tell me are the new ones better then previous? Thanks again.🙂
My little daughter

By the way that's my wonderfull baby daugter😄

She is so great!!!

If you have children too, say Hi to them from Roman in Ukraine!
Your yen t-shirt has a flaw to it and is aestetically painful to look at (because of the flaw,)

This is the correct yen symbol. Sorry, just trying to help,

Thank you!

Thank you all! And Josh, thank you for your comment I'l fix that Yen sign soon. Thanks again.
:) i love the dragon and the one to the right of it there great ow ow and the mount fuji and the one with the cherry blossoms behind👍

and your baby is so Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii congratulations
Would have loved to see your shop, but I got a dead link.
It might be only for a short time, will check again tomorrow.
got the link and it is nice, very good job.
did you use photoshop for the motives?
hope your sales are good ;-)
Hi Andrew, Miki 78 and leonmarino
Sorry I didn't reply right away, I was away from my computer. Thanks for the praise.
First I draw an image, then I scan it and then I use Photoshop and Corel Draw. It's very addictive to do this. Since I started running my shop I can't stop doing new images and updating my shop now I'm working on a new design for my webpage. It should look like a banner I made recently:
I wanted to post my banner but I'm not allowed yet :(

You can find it in a new thread called "My new Banner"
Hi AsakuraNeo10,
Yes, that's right. Cafepress and I as a shopkeeper sell these designs :)
Why are you asking? Are you interested in opening your own shop? You can do all kind of designs there, like pets, political or what ever you can imagine.
If you are really interested just go to www.cafepress.com :D

- Roman
~~Japanese T-shirts
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