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19 Nov 2003
Havent scrolled past any old topics to know this prior to asking, but are there any fans of either the manga, or the short-lived OAV?
Most definitely...

I enjoyed the six-part OVA series, and was intrigued when fellow fans told me that the sequence of quickly flashing scenes near the end are sort of a "teaser" of the more detailed plot of the manga. I pursued the Japanese tankoubon at used bookstores, but was only able to find the first few volumes... I'm so happy Viz is now publishing the full manga series in English!

Even though some of the secrets of the manga were obviously covered in the OVAs, I've really been enjoying the manga read so far...

The manga's were releashed in English finally?

When did that happen?
It just started fairly recently, probably within the last few months. But they're moving pretty quickly in getting it out... so Volume #2 is already available. Viz is releasing them, and I purchased them at my local comic book store... so keep your eyes open!

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