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Please proofread my sentences.


8 Apr 2004
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Hello, native English speakers,
the new semester has begun!
Would you please correct my sentences if needed?
1 According to the weather report, it's going to rain tomorrow morning.
2 The United Nations was founded in 1945.
3 I came up with a good idea.
4 More than 120 million people live in Japan.
5 That's a simple but effective plan.
6 No need to hurry – we've got plenty of time.
7 They have been helping those with disabilities.
8 More than two billion people worldwide use the Internet today.
9 According to my father, more than one thousand people will come here.
10 This brand is known worldwide.
11 This is the best answer to that question.
12 We help those who don't have enough food.
13 Mary came up with the easiest/simplest way.
14 We have plenty of time today.

Thanks in advance.
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