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Please, I need some help to remember a music...


13 Mar 2004
Hi! My name is Nakazato and I'm from Brazil. My english is really poor, so if I wrote some stupid thing, forgive-me.

So, I worked some time in Japan - some years ago. And in 2000, I always listening in all places a funny music clip. Something like " Ashita ga aru, Ashita ga aru ", where some old guys singing in some kind of japanese academy.

I was looking for some clips from this guys but can't remember group's name. I liked the clip and music from them...

So, someone can help me remember this group - and site for download clips and musics?

Yeah, Ulfuls released it at the time. I think there was also another group who released it at the same time.

*checks at cdjapan.co.jp*

Right, a group called Re:Japan also released it in march 2001. I think it was also tied in with a tv-show.

Both clips were in heavy rotation at the time.

The original is by Kyu Sakamoto by the way, released in 1963.
Yeah, those two covers of the Kyu Sakamoto song were out so close to each other that Ulfuls and Re:Japan combined forces at that year's Kohaku Utagassen to sing the song together.

Isn't Re:Japan the group comprised of many famous Japanese comedians? When I saw the Kohaku performance, I spotted Hamada and Matsumoto (Downtown) as well as Takashi Fujii (seen in "Lost in Translation")... in fact, now that I think about it, wasn't Hama-chan in the show featruing the Re:Japan version?

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